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Field Report: Back in the Groove (part 1 of 2)

mASF post by Magnus

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Field Report: Back in the Groove (part 1 of 2)
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mASF post by "Magnus"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, July 7, 2005

After six and a half weeks in Vienna, I have not gotten laid. Girls here are
definitely way more difficult than in America, and more difficult than in the
UK too. I've opened 103 sets since getting here, 7 day 2's, 8 tonguedowns, and
found most success with tourists, particularly German girls. We've been
heading for venues with younger girls too - 15+ :) Which explains why they'll
do anything in the club but won't go home.

Nonetheless, this has definitely strengthened my game... After the last few
nights I rather feel like I am back in the groove.

Nineteen84 and I PU'd two English girls from his hostel bar. We took them to
Museumsquartier, a large courtyard in Vienna where there are outdoor bars and
huge green chairs. We sat there and chilled with them before venue changing
again to our favourite bar. My game is now calibrated for Europeans, so I
found it difficult to read these girls. They were 19yo English girls and did
not show interest in the same way. In England if a girl likes you, you can
tell because she is on the opposite end of the bar, looking away from you. The
real problem was confusion over whose target was whose. Nineteen84 had opened
the set, but both girls liked me more (he said :). He said to the (slightly)
less attractive one that me and the other seemed to be getting on well, and she
came down pretty negatively, so we ditched them and went to the bar next door.

We rolled in, and he pointed out a group of three girls, all with their backs
to us. I opened them by tapping two on the shoulders and withdrawing slightly,
and running our Vienna opener; "Ent-shull-dee-gung-bittar, I need some help
with my German. How do you say 'What do you like about English men?'"

The one on the left was more receptive, the one on the right stayed quiet, she
was cuter, I thought. So the one on the left told me how to say it, and I
delivered the line to the cuter one. She gave some bollucks about not knowing
any English guys, so I introduced myself. "Are you Vienna girls? We want to
meet Vienna girls."

I then unloaded some deliciously solid game, heavy attract material and getting
her to qualify herself. Find out that she's kissed 10 boys, slept with 2,
including a long-term boyfriend. Doesn't smoke, doesn't drink too much.

Got physical really quickly, twirling her and lifting her up, throwing her
around, probably sang to her a bit. She was ready to kiss me, but wouldn't,
because, she said, of her "conscience". I asked why, and she pointed out her
brother, and some fat chode sitting next to him, who looked like a younger
jabba the hut in a grey t-shirt.

Apparently the poor chode had earlier confessed his undying love to her. I
instantly paced this with "and you feel bad because you like him as a friend
and don't want to hurt his feelings, and you even feel a little guilty because
he's a great person, you just don't see him that way." She's amazed that I
understand her so well, and I tell her that I have had the situation with
female friends of mine liking me... although of course the real case is that
I've been that chode, and have since sorted my life out.

I pause for a second, to contemplate how the guy's reality has been shattered -
he has spent an entire academic year building trust and comfort with this girl,
masturbating about her daily, and then when he finally works up the courage to
express his feelings she rejects him, gently, but unavoidably brutally. Seeing
me come along, open her, and extract her from the bar will probably destroy

Then I drag her two feet to the left, so that Nineteen84 and the other two
girls are blocking the view of her brother and chode, and kiss her on the lips.
Tell her I feel very comfortable with her, and she agrees, tell her than even
though it's not been very long, I feel like I've known her for "years... uh,
alright, a week." she agrees.

She won't leave because chode will see, so I tell her I don't want to hurt
anyone's feelings, and that she should make a big show of blowing me out, and
then I will leave by the front door, and she can tell her friends she has a
headache and meet me by the back door. She says no, but she'll meet me by the
front door. We move to full view of her brother and chode, and she pushes me
away, and shakes her head, I act like I'm begging a little, and then shake her
hand and kiss her on the cheek, and walk out with my head down.

I pop into the first bar, find Brainfreez, who says the English girls were
asking after us, but left. Oh well. The hotter English girl was hotter than
my new girl, who looks rather like Amelie, but I'm pretty sure I can take this
new girl home.

Jump outside again and start to shit myself because she's not there... how
could I have been so stupid. Perhaps she really did blow me out... Run back
into the first bar and look for a set to open. Turn round and she's followed
me in, hurrah! I am invincible!

Neither of us want a drink, so I drag her outside and sit her on a chair on my
lap, proceed to make out with her and elicit her greatest achievements and
ambitions. Wink at the waitress who has seen me sit in almost the same spot
making out with a different hot girl three nights running.

We talk and are shortly ushered inside, some dork comes along to steal her off
me, I make him take a photo of us and get rid of him. Then her brother appears
- she'd told him the truth - apparently he's a gay and doesn't really mind if
she hooks up with random guys. I make friends with him, their group is leaving
for another bar, so she goes to say goodbye, and I tell her I'll take her to
another bar in the opposite direction. Get her number and text her mine, just
in case...

I end up waiting for her outside, and am a bit more relaxed now, she turns up
and I walk her to the next bar, which is closed! So we walk back towards the
other bars, and I buy her a drink in a really quiet place. The seats are
uncomfortable, it's expensive, everyone can see us, but I tell her it's nice
that even though we can't kiss and stuff, we can talk more, which is good. She
tells me that chode was not angry with her, he wants her to be happy... I pace
a bit more that we should do whatever makes us happy, and if it makes us truly
happy, then if it makes someone else unhappy it's probably their fault. Talk
about the difference between mutual love (indicating the two of us) and
obsession. "I think you like me exactly as much as I like you... maybe you
like me a little bit more... but I'm sure I will catch up" etc

Get a text from Brainfreez, him and Nineteen84 have venue-changed to another
bar, which we walk past on the way to a taxi. I have basically told her that I
have water to drink, music to listen to, and a sofa and bed to cuddle on, and
we don't have to have sex and she doesn't have to say the night. She tells me
pretty firmly that we are not having sex, and I agree, that even if we feel
comfortable and ready then we don't have to. She tells me she doesn't feel
comfortable or ready, and I agree again. She lives within five minutes walk
anyway. So we taxi back. I keep her logical mind busy all the way from the
taxi to the flat.

Once inside, she stands at the foot of the bed, while I straighten the duvet,
put the new Coldplay on my iPod, and switch on the bedside light. Then I pull
her on top of me onto the bed and kiss her passionately, but then break away
and talk to her, nuzzle her and pretend to fall asleep. We talk and kiss for
nearly an hour, and I get her clothes off towards the end of the album. She's
on her period and leaves a couple of bloody patches on the duvet cover. Oh
well. I tell her it doesn't matter. Kissing gets pretty passionate.

I've fucked girls on their period before, it doesn't really bother me, and it
doesn't really bother her. But she's pretty firm about not having sex, and I
know she'll see me tomorrow, so we go to sleep around 4.30am. This morning she
left at 10am, while I was pretty drowsy. Pretty sure she still likes me, we're
supposed to be meeting this afternoon...


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