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The Myth of Flash Game

mASF post by Harmless

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The Myth of Flash Game
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mASF post by "Harmless"
posted on: mASF forum: Advanced Discussion, June 6, 2005

I found it pretty hard to read past the tenth or eleventh post so I'm sure I'm
missing some very important discussion but I'm going to get my political
content out of the way first. Read on if you want my actual opinion on the

It seems to me like there's a lot of pent up hostility in this sector of the
dating industry. Dimitri, Mystery, Tyler and maybe others constantly post these
trolls under the disguise of offering real content. That's a blatant

Now, Dima and Tyler, I hope you realize that I'm offering these thoughts as a
friend and, perhaps, the only neutral party here. Mystery, I don't really know
you but I certainly respect you, so the same applies. Do with it what you will.
End of disclaimer.

My advice: lighten up. If you take DYD as an example -- and I think you all
should -- you'll notice that he's never seen in public to be negative towards
any of his competitors. It's a smart business strategy and it's a more
honorable way to go about it. What does David always say? In the business
world, look for ways to add value and it will come back to help you. Seems to
work well on a personal interaction level too.

No more beating a (hopefully) dead horse. To me, you are all sounding rather
petty. Stop it.

Ok, now... the question is: What is wrong with "Flash Game"?

There are a few basic ideas that are important to remember here. They include
"Less is More" and "Keep It Simple, Stupid". Basically, if you can get the
desired response without using the flashy, over-the-top high octane stuff, do
you need to use it? Nope. Does this mean that Flash Game necessarily has a
negative effect on the sarge? I doubt it... unless you're doing it wrong.

The problem that I see with Flash Game is this: Its output is often confused as
being a necessary component of "solid game".

I imagine that people who go to workshops and watch these guys run all this
impressive Flash Game as an example of "what's possible" come away with the
belief that if girls aren't giggling uncontrolably and completely unable to
control their buying temperature, then they aren't gaming properly.

I think it's a common misconception that if a set doesn't
"blow up" then it's not going properly. Not true!

And likewise, just because a girl is giggling and the set is blowing up,
doesn't mean you're guaranteed to get laid! You've still got 70% of the game
left to go.

I think this all stems from one huge misconception, which is that gaining
attraction is the most important part of the game. Wrong again!

It's good that Dima is bringing this up, because we need to start addressing
these common misconceptions. I think it would be important for guys like Tyler
and Mystery to make sure that they aren't promoting this kind of misconception
through the way they teach. I'm not accusing them of doing so. I'm simply
suggesting that they be on the look out for it. It's also important for guys
like Dima and Woodhaven, who espouse the "Natural Game»" style, that they don't
underestimate the value of "High Octane Game".

Here's what I want to see from both parties: If you make a negative statement
about someone else, balance that with an alternative that *you* can provide to
fix the perceived problem. Flash game doesn't work? What do you suggest
instead? This would at least make the process much more helpful to everyone
caught in the middle of your little feud.



PS. I don't have anything for you to buy. I know how much you all want to. I'm
very sorry.

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