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Peacocking Examples (long)

mASF post by Thundersqueak

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Peacocking Examples (long)
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mASF post by "Thundersqueak"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, June 6, 2005

Lately, this term is being more and more tragically misused around here;
especially in that recent thread on the T/T board. So, maybe I can help
clarify some misunderstandings on the term ‘peacocking’.

Firstly, its definitely a good idea to wear cool clothes and accessories
(chick-bait), you should have a look, you should stand out in a preferential
way. IOW, be ‘superfly’ or whatever you want to call it. But this is *not*
peacocking. I see guys on here say things like “I was peacocked; wearing cool
ripped up jeans , red shirt (collar popped), kick-ass shades, and spikey crazy
hair”. Sorry, that is not really peacocking.

And Polo shirts are definitely not peacock gear. Not even with the collar up.

Peacock gear is more like a fantasy costume, over-the-top, *majorly* out there.
When peacocked, your appearance should compete with and/or complement the high
level of stimulus in the club. In many ways, you are playing a character, so
be prepared to live up to the image you present when dressing this way. In my
opinion, peacocking is not really solid game, but it can be a lot of fun.

Here are 5 examples:

#1: I did RSD a few years back and Mystery was there. First two nights he
wore jeans, normal shirt, cowboy hat, lots of little accessories to lure girls
in and get them asking questions. But that was not peacocking. On the third
night he showed up wearing: 7 inch platform industrial style boots, leather
cowboy hat with goggles, face powdered slightly white with tiny black pentagram
stamped on his cheek, eyeliner, long shiny vinyl sleeveless trenchcoat, leather
pants, ‘bugbag’ backpack, huge armbands with spikes and fins all over them,
LED runner across his chest that said “kill me”, another LED display on his
arm/shoulder, black fingernails, etc.etc. When we walked down the street,
people asked us if he was a rockstar. Some dude called him an alien. He was
over 7 feet tall in this get up. This was peacocking.

#2: This last Saturday night, my friends got married. It was a masquerade
wedding in the style of Venetian carnivale and we wore elaborate costumes w/
masks. It looked like something out of ‘eyes wide shut’. My costume was the
pimpinest and afterwards I wore it out to bars/clubs and got a lot of
attention. I was wearing: Versailles style coat in black and gold brocade,
black brocade pants, knee high leather boots, white satin shirt w/ ruffles at
collar and sleeve, opera style walking cane, gothic style rings, black
fingernails, black eyeliner, hair dyed black. (I had a mask at some point but
ditched cuz it sucked.) I looked like a marquis or a duke or something. I had
fun with it all night, being very playful. I reffered to myself as “the count”
and to any girl I was talking to as “the count’s concubine”.

#3: Somewhere on here I read about some PUAs in England who go out dressed
like construction workers, complete with hard hats, neon orange vests, and tool
belts. They walk into the place, bust out some tape measures and start
playfully measuring everything, as though they’re working out the construction
details. They measure tables, doorways, levels of beer in a glass, girls
chests… just basically having a good time with it.

#4: Some guy I heard about dresses up as a pirate, complete with eye patch and
all the other trimmings. He goes out to the bars and clubs like this and
opens girls by yelling: “ARRRGgghhhhh!”

#5: I read something on here about a guy who dresses in full pimp gear,
platform shoes, cane, wide brim hat, etc.etc. He opens sets by slamming his
cane down on the floor in front of them and yelling “what are you bitches
standing around here for? Run off and get back to work!”

There are endless possibilities. I think alessandro recently said he went out
dressed like a 40's paperboy or something like that. TD has said that he used
to wear all sorts of vinyl and leather stuff, bullet arm bands, etc. Alot of
guys wear things like eyeliner (or other make-up), feather boas, top hats with
laser pointers in them (or any other unusual hat), neon clothing, fur coats,
and so on and so on.

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