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Outing Report: SmoothGuy69 Takes A Break.. Diary of a madman.

mASF post by SmoothGuy69

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Outing Report: SmoothGuy69 Takes A Break.. Diary of a madman.
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mASF post by "SmoothGuy69"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, August 8, 2005


Funny thing happened today. My looks are back arount the 9/10 scale. I have
gone back to being well groomed and model like. My experiments are over.
Funny thing is, I am not used to the reaction I used to get and take for
granted. I had to go back and become real. I realised something about myself.
This woman she looked at me completely wide eyed, smiling and besotted. I
fucking went to pieces - very nervous. I can't handly that sort of love type
energy, I am not used to that right now. It was really freaky, like she was
CRAZY about me, I felt nervous like I said. I can't really describe it any
other way than that. I lost it there. Went to pieces. She was REALLY fucking
into me, too much so.

It's with tears in my eyes that I say goodbye to a phase in my life, a phase
where I had NOTHING TO LOSE. I have groomed myself up again, my social
experiments are complete and smoothmethod is born out of it, a crying baby into
the fabric of people who want to Seduce with an angle that I had to pursue out
of passion..

For ten years I was a model, I looked and lived the lifestyle of a 10. Player.
Natural. Fucking other models as fuckbuddies and sex was like a line of coke.
A haze of good times, taken for granted. Not worked for. Plastic and
Expected. It was just the done thing. Beautiful people fucking each other in
a primal way. Day in and day out, that was the game.

Sadistic, girls would game good looking guys, seeing them naked on their bed.
See a model guy there right now, emotions bled dry, naked, open, fucked and
used, attraction reached intensity, now becoming stale, bland, new attraction
required. They are icy cold these women. But so was I. We took each other's
asses and moved on time after time after time. That's the way it goes in that
circle. You might think it sounds exciting but it's not. It's fake. Hair
salon whiny speak, the games, the other world, the saunas, the weights rooms.
The beauty. All about beauty. and PARTIES. Oh hell, loads of parties.
Fucking loads of them. It's unforgiving. Then it's time to realise a few

I hated the plastic nature of the lifestyle. I hated the way my friends didn't
get a look in because their personality wasn't shaped by years of high times
OR FEMALE, I took time out of society to answer some things that were eating my
insides. Now I have a TEN inner game» and it's a passion to see that seduction
mastery delivered to someone else in a few days of meeting them. Why? Because
I know how it feels to be swimming in a current of society with frustrations,
anger and helplessness. Liberation through mastery. I have gained my PUA
chops in a different way to many, yet it's touching and nostalgic after all
this time, how I have become a part of this community and all it has given to
us all.

I decided to examine society and see if I can get that type of attraction OTHER
than by social circle and looks.

I went homeless. Survival game, to sleep for the night I had to venue change
to their place. It improves your chops. Didn't wash. Grew a big ass beard.
I barely looked like a model any more. Now and again girls could see through
it but it was on the whole, a good subterfuge.

I built a set of techs and a method for seduction based on my ten years
knowledge of building value amongst high value girls, my results in field and a
keen instinct coupled with an edge in that I DIDN'T CARE WHAT THE RESULT WAS.

Experiments after experiments.

I have reached the point where I could still live the same lifestyle of a top
model yet looking like complete shit and smelling like crap. All based on
game. Looks were not the issue. Yes, some interesting insights are combined
into my techniques due to the fact that I have seen the HIGHS and the LOWS of
this game, and everything in between. I LIVED the lifestyle of a top player
from every angle. Now I feel complete since I can assist the right people to
taste it and live it as well.

Afternoon:Funny thing happened today, I saw an amazing model type chick and I
DIDN'T open her. I wanted to in a way. But I let her go. It felt good to.
Maybe she might have been a cool type and understanding, low key and
intelligent. But I doubt it, she was reading about partying in some junk
magazine with boutique bags slung across her pretty little arm. She was
HBModel on another level. So I let it go. I DID chase off the train to open
her. Then I saw her reading the magazine. I have to be a bit stronger before
I go back into those types of relationships and that's if I ever decide to.
The needy attention seeking baby crying 100 percent attention all day every day
isn't my thing baby.

I could neg the fuckers like that couldn't i? ;)

"You're not the needy type are you?"

My game style has gone way more low key, more honest as well, yet very romantic
and direct. I no longer seek to bed them straight away, I am cool to hang out
and let things develop. I am all about letting them game me these days and
showing I have a very understanding direct frame, with the subtext of
attraction towards them in a whimsical low key frame. Less is more, it works
for me and I give off the vibe of.."I might like you but why should I hang out
with you? Prove you're something special and you're not another self absorbed
society pawn".
7:24pm Sitting in McDonald's yeaaauk.

This is the shittiest place on the planet. You only have to go in one to
witness first hand what it does to someone on a regular basis. It's like a zoo
in here. Yum yum, more cow burger..

Given up chocolate (haha Hollywood Mack). It's been 2 days but it's def out of
my system on the 1st day. Yes, it definitely IS a drug I am feeling a lot
clearer now. I would say a 5 month haze of intense gaming and 300 grams of
Chocolate a day isn't the most healthy thing to be doing.

Well guys, I am taking a well earned break to cast off all those chump cobwebs
that I have been dusting. i am no longer seeking anything out of society.
Looking all the time for answers in other people. I am doing a few things for
ME now. Hope is a word I stop my clients from using yet I'll use it now. It
seems apt. Sorry if I have come off bigheaded, arrogant, mad etc in my
journey. It was a dizzy time. Now I see clearly, I have the answers I need,
for me and for you. I hope you dig and understand.

If you have booked some time with me then I look forward to seeing you.

I don't go into WestEnd anymore unless I have to. Chilling out now a lot more.

Hollywood is probably burnt out. I saw a different side to him on the last day
I saw him, (Monday). He was a little down, worried, seems the true Hollywood
was seen and he saw the true side of me, maybe we're both looking for answers,
yet they come from within, he was right about that. He got some amazing career
advice from my brother, hope he appreciates it, would never have done that for
anyone else. Looks like he's at a strange fork in his life there. I haven't
seen him since.

I myself was totally frazzled after our big burnout. Definitely I answered
some questions for myself. I am focusing more on other things and dropping
down to Executive Instructing in the future so I can concentrate on other
projects. One person can't take on this workload anymore.

I have answered the questions I needed to answer in my sarging binges, for the
moment there's nothing more for me to experiment with, although I am happy to
package and transfer these skills to others in the best way possible for them.

I cracked Leicester Square, the toughest place on the planet. I patterned
girls off the street into the bedroom, (THAT'S why they call it speed seduction»
*ding!* I took group sets of 9s back to a beautiful pad in Chelsea and fucked
pr0n party style, chasing girls into cars/buses/trains.. opening group sets
wherever I go, amog battling 6'5" basketball heads..I had negging matches with
girls in the street, endless FB's that come and go out of the city, the LTRs
that were promised by me yet didn't happen (sorry girls!) the LTRs that were
given up for more gaming (yes, tears were shed), the endless wash of different
lifestyles, sharing of personal spaces, clothes, chattels and souls and auras,
the fights, the passion, the guts, the glory, the HIGHS and the LOWS. The
strength that came from it. The chaos and mystery that surrounds
SmoothMethod.. I DID IT MY WAY.

So many memories in a short time, PUA lifetimes crammed into a nutshell.

I have given up on HBModel and she knows that now. She's a party girl 100% and
that's not my scene. A pseudo party girl I can hang with but this nut has
nothing inside but hot air.

Feels like another stage in my life now.

Feel free to email in the meantime.

To the guys I have trained, happy days and keep in touch with your conquests
and development. To the guys I haven't, happy days too. Stay on your path.

Smile a bit more often guys and get some other hobbies apart from gaming girls!
It's really good for you in the long run. You don't want to end up like me..
or do you?


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