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mASF post by victorj

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Strip Club # Close
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mASF post by "victorj"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, August 8, 2005

Hey man. I'm going to be honest with you, and this is to help you so dont take
it hard. See it as part of a learning experience. You learned something. And
you won't waste your time with shit like that in the future. That IS A GOOD
THING =) Here my 5c's:

In my opinion you didn't separate from the people she usually talks to very
much at all, other than maybe seeming a little bit weirder than most. You are
also very incongruent with your statements. Its like poor game mixed with
regular AFC shit right afterwards. Your game is not Direct, and not Indirect
either. It needs some fixing, and I KNOW YOU HAVE IT IN YOU TO DO THAT IF YOU

Like this:

Then, she was talking about visiting Canada and she said she was at a bar and
she ruffled her hair and it accidentally hit a guy at which point he told her
to watch where her hair went because he was with his wife. I told her, "Hey I
wouldn't take that personally if I was you. He probably thought you were very
attractive" at which point she says "thanks alot" in the "i was expecting that"
kinda way. Then I followed up with "but he probably just thought he didn't want
to kiss you. I mean, a girl can be really attractive but alot of times there is
just something about them that makes a guy not want to kiss them. Not all guys
have this but alot do." I did this to let her know she could be rejected by me.
She was a little quiet for awhile and I was afraid I had hurt her feelings but
then she seemed to recover herself.

Okay, if I'm not totally off here, this is how I saw this situation from how
you explain it. She probably wasn't complaining about this as an insult. She
was commenting on his statment because it was a lame pickup line. She was
trying subtly to convey to you that people find her attractive and you should
as well, so she can get your $$$ when you buy a lapdance.
The social dynamic in the situation she explained was probably more like:
-She hits some guy with her hair.

-He makes a playful but reasonably stupid pickup reply.
(Translation of his line is something like this: "Hey, I like you and I got
aroused by your hair touching me. But I'll pretend to put up my wife as a
obstacle." -and his subcommunication telling: if she's really there, or is he
lying. and if shes there that she has him by the balls so if he talk to her he
wont get laid the next week.)

-She was a little bit baffled because she didnt expect that reply, thats why
she remembers it, but she still thought it was a stupid pickup attempt.

Here is would be perfect to go with some cocky/playful and tease her some to
get some interest/attraction. Something like "That was a really lame pickup
attempt.. But honestly..... I really don't like your hair
should consider shaving it all off........ (She laughs).. I had this friend who
had to shave his hair when he lost a bet.. bla bla and this and this cool and
crazy shit happened..."
(The last part is when you go into an interesting/funny story that relates from
your life. where you control the FRAME)
The C/P line above is said seriously, but with sly smile afterwards... dots
indicate length of pauses in delivery. ;)

You didn't understand what she meant, and started sucking up on this guys
behalf. So you suckup (and you get the expected response - again NOT separating
yourself from other customers), then you poorly try to pretend that you're
disqualifying her. I can't see your BL from reading your post, but I suspect
that your're not on top of that shit. You're also repairing something that you
should have avoided in the first place. With a Cocky/playful reply etc.
She's probably quiet because she's annoyed with all the weird shit she has to
put up with before the customers will buy a dance from her and she can get some
$$$. Then she remembers she needs the cash, and goes back into the battlezone
with you again.

I then asked her if she had a b/f.

You think this behavior separates you from other visitors?
Think again... And this shit doesn't even matter. If she's more into you than
the BF, it really doesn't... And not to mention the subcommunication in this
line. When asked sincerly this question subcommunicate Insecurity, needyness,
that you probably dont have a g/f, that you're not very smooth or socially savy
(and 100+ more things thats not good for you..)

However, she not surprisingly told me she gets hit on all the time at bars and
one guy offered her 3000 dollars to go out to dinner with him (!!!!!).
Interesting topic but I didn't really want her thinking about how well other
guys treat her and how I wouldn't buy her a drink very much.
Wrong! Whats so bad about her thinking about all the other LAMERS doing stupid
and desparate shit to pick her up and gain her attention? When you get your
shit down, her thinking about it will only separate you further from the crowd.

If this was a solid pickup, this would often be a sure sign that she was
interested in you.
She's qualifying to you, trying to subcommunicate that she is desireable to
other men and thus trying to make you like her more. Cant you see it man? She's
practically bragging about some lamass that tried to pick her up by offering
her lots of money...
Here you can go cocky playful again. Just improvise somerhing like: "Oh..
you're trouble... I see what you're trying to do... Yeah...ok could
possibly take me out for dinner sometime... if... you're a good girl.... But
I'm not that cheap... i'll make you a special offer though, since you're
amusing.... only 5000$"
this shit is all tonality and delivery, so if you have that down you can say
almost anything in those lines. INNER GAME». BODY LANGUAGE. TONALITY. FRAME
CONTROL. important shit.

Unfortunately in this sutuation it is not because she is interested. She just
wants you to buy another lapdance so she can get $$$.

Also: the moment you pay her for a lap dance you become a customer, and in most
cases this will sort you into the same category as all her other customers. I
think you understand why this is not a good category to be in.
Typically (if the girl has an IQ above 90), she will give away her phone# to a
separate work-only-phone or some shit like that. She'll use this phone for work
only, and she uses it to fool the guys back to get more money from them (while
pretending to be interested). But she will of course flake on meetings because
that's not why she gave away her #. She's gaming you for $$$, and quite poorly
as well. you should be able to SEE RIGHT TROUGH THAT BS.

I think its better to get a really tight game on regular hotties, before gaming
on strippers, bartenders etc. GAMING ON THEM FROM THE START COULD MESS UP YOUR
WANT YOUR MONEY. I recommend that you game regular girls at some random bar.

If you want to game strippers, try this:
Try going there with some of your hottest female friends. They'll want to go
with you if you present it the right way. make it sound fun. Sit with your back
to the stage, and ignore the stripping. When a stripper comes, play "hard to
get". In a fun way. Tease her. Qualify her. Etc. Have fun with the GF's you
brought. Could even buy a dance for them (not from the one you're gaming) Don't
just fluff, but have a plan with where you're going. Listen to OX's advice on
techniques, but have the inner game» to back it up first, or you'll just look
like an dumbass. I also believe mystery has a "meeting strippers" seminar if
you¨re really into this, and there are probably some good posts in the

And don't you go around hating strippers or some shit after this. See, that's
stupid. You messed up yourself. She just did her job, and I can tell from your
post that she was kind to you as well. MAN.... YOU CAN CHANGE, and you're doing
it right now. can you feel it? THAT IS A GOOD THING! =)

You have in you what it takes to be a great PUA/"ladies man", but your focus is
a bit wrong. Work on INNER GAME», body language, and just socially vibing with
cool people. When you gain the self esteem and a good unshakable foundation,
then you can use techniques and they will work for you. INNER GAME», BL,
yourself, wait with the Speed Seduction» stuff because it'll mess your game up
at this stage... some of the Ross Jefferys material is good for comfort
building though..) and build a happy life to fix your inner game». just sit down
and think about life and your place in it.

Then look into subcommunication. What does your clothes and shoes communicate,
what does your body language communicate, what does the shape you're in
subcommunicate, what does your eyecontact communicate, what does the people
you're rolling with communicate about you, what does your voicetone
communicate, what does your reactions communicate, your mannerisms, haircut,
accessories etc.. this list is endless.
The actual words you say are a very little % of your total communication.

AND MOST IMPORTANT: always fix up your life before thinking too much about
inner game» (which is 100 times more important than knowing a few


Just ask yourself, is there anything in my life that I can improve. If the
answer in is yes in any aspect of your life, THEN DO IT. Health, fitness,
economy, friends, family relations, hobbies, education etc.

Then you can go back to mASF and look at those techniques and what to say, and
your game will REALLY skyrocket..

Love from your friend,
Victor of Norway.

Unless otherwise noted, this article is Copyright©2005 by "victorj" with implicit permission provided to for reproduction. Any other use is prohibited without the explicit permission of the original author.


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