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Your Post Isn‘t Wierd


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Your Post Isn‘t Wierd
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posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, July 7, 2005

On 7/25/05 12:23:00 PM, Freelancer101 wrote:
>Your post isn't wierd. In
>I like the more challengine
>the unusual stories and the
>for creative solutions.
>I think people aren't used to
>describing FULL situations
>like when
>you talked about her always
>It's more common for people to
>some kind of generalized
>such as "I'm in a club and my
>pal is
>doing A, and I'm doing B and
>this HB9
>licks her lips and ..." yada

thanks for understanding:) All i wanted to learn is why is is happening and HOW
to respond!

>Real easy to respond to
>because it's
>common fare and people have
>seen dozens
>of answers to common problems.
>I'll tell you right up front,
>I'm just
>a natural. I don't know all
>the patterns,
>of SS, but I know some and I
>know that
>NLP is POWERFUL. It's just my
>from my experience that just
>having "good
>game" isn't really the peak of
>The peak is to really learn a
>system, one
>that is full of proven
>Bottom line is pretty
>You already have a good
>rapport with this
>girl. Now instead of seeking
>some kind
>of lesbian solution, use the
>tried and true
>method of getting her to think
>of that
>perfect someone that makes her
>feel the
>way you want her to feel
>towards you, then
>transfer the feeling to
and how cuold that be achieved, keep doing the same?

>It shouldn't matter if she's
>bi or les
>because, as another bro
>pointed out, it's
>all in can
>reframe her to
>find pleasure in being with
>you. As
>you listen to her, also
>feedback the
>words she uses to continue
>creating the
>And lastly, as for the remark
>on seduction
>should be fast in "speed
>seduction" well
>yes and no...the truth is,
>seduction can
>be a LOT faster than most guys
>ever realize.
>But it's also true that each
>flower pops in
>its own time.
>If you're making popcorn and
>you turn up the
>heat too much too fast, it'll
>pop, but it will
>be hard, and not fluffy like
>good popcorn should
>be. If you take too long with
>the heat, the
>same thing. Have SOME
>patience...plant the
>seed and let it grow.
>Tell me more if you can, and
>we'll take it
>from there with more

great advice freelancer. thanks alot for taking your time to reply,

BEst regards,


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