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some things I‘m working on that might help others

mASF post by jokerrabit

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some things I‘m working on that might help others
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mASF post by "jokerrabit"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, July 7, 2005

>Fill yourself with deep sexual desire
>for her.
>Then make dominate eye contact she MUST
>look away first.
>Eye contact tip get as close as possible
>so she can see your pupils dilate. She
>will now know that you want her and
>aren't afraid thats what Alpha really
>Not all this bullshit about who is a
>toughest guy. She wants a guy to
>dominate her not beat up the bouncer in
>a club.

good point I'll make it a part of my list/self.

>>whenever possible. It’s never
>>a good idea to burn bridges.
>>do it in a way that allows her
>>the opportunity to understand
>>and "fix" the reason(s) that
>>caused you to eject. You eject
>>her from your sphere/world,
>>not the other way around.
>Interesting, good point

I got this one from the acronyms you should read them some time ;)

>>#12 the 1-% rule:
>>Remember that at any given
>>moment in any environment 1%
>>of the women will be available
>>for immediate sex with you.
>>(From “the system” by Roy
>>(Speed Seduction» and NLP will
>>greatly reduce these odds)

>I think its already maybe 5% for
>immediate sex and better odds once you
>start sarging properly

I think you might be right about that

>>#13 the $40 rule
>>Never spend more then $40s on
>>a date. Less if possible, the
>>least amount you can spend the
>>better. Your not going to get
>>lade just because you spend
>>money on her.
>I dont think you have to be tight but if
>you spent to much you look like a try
>hard...get her to pay maybe 40% of date.

it can be done with out spending a dime but if you do spend money do it because
you want to not because you think your going to get something out of it. and
set a limit.

>>#15 always look for an
>>When you see her and even if
>>you don’t have EC try to find
>>something about her to start a
>>conversation about. In the
>>conversation look for ways to
>>lead the conversation to
>>talking about sex or to use
>>Patterns Ambiguities Metaphors
>>Quotes and Stacking Realities.
>>Your goal is to get her
>>thinking about sex with you.
>I can tell your a SS student.
>Don't worry about planning the best way
>to start a conversation. Just say "Hi"
>Its better to just get up close to her
>look her right in the eye without fear
>and sub-communicate you want to fuck
>her. Its not your words its what you

I have done this,and sometimes it works great. other times she'll run
screaming. it depends on the girl I suppose. and maybe some other factors I'm
not yet aware of yet.

>>#17 Elicit Values:
>>Always elicit valves listen
>>for the words she leans on
>>then feed them back to her.
>Eliciting values before you have
>attraction can backfire. Just listen
when I feed her valves/words back to her start with a few words at first, then
use more as I get to know her. by the way I have caught girls naturally doing

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