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My direct game

mASF post by Moonwalker

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My direct game
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mASF post by "Moonwalker"
posted on: mASF forum: Advanced Discussion, July 7, 2005

Thanks guys for all the replies, I have some added remarks and thoughts about
direct/indirect. I can wrap them around this reply to paraiso's post. He
scratches the surface of many things I find interesting.

On 7/13/05 2:01:00 AM, Paraiso wrote:
>That's kind of unfair don't you think?
>If you were to read his [RJ's] response more
>carefully and absorb what he's saying
>you'd understand. He gave you the answer
>to your question.

Before I start about indirect/direct. Let me firstly make clear I agree with
Paraiso that it's unfair for a person to judge about a response before
carefully reading it and absorbing it for what it's really saying.

So I read RJ's responses again. I still I miss the link between his post and
the topic of direct/indirect. He doesn't even bring up the terms 'direct' or
'indirect' in his response for example. To me his post sounds rather spiritual
and seems to be about his personal (speed seduction» related)inner game» more
than about the distinction between direct/indirect. Correct me if I'm wrong.

>In your first post on this thread, you
>said that you used to do direct. Well I
>bet you it's not the direct game that
>most people on here know about.

When somebody some tine ago played me shark's CD I actually was surprised about
how his way of opening matched with mine.

Well, you can take a look at my direct way of opening, and judge yourself. I'd
be very interested to hear.

'i like you' is not always the first thing that I say to a girl (sometimes it
is but not always). I say 'i like you' to somebody if i mean it. If a girl just
looks hot but she has showed me nothing yet fascinates me, I won't tell her
straight away that I like her. I first need to really like something about her.

Now but sometimes a girl just moves and acts in way that moves me instantly. In
this case just 1 glance of her will be enough for me to walk up to her and say
'I like you' imediately.

Generally I will first just check a girl out. I will seek EC with her. I will
see how she reacts. With me how a girl reacts is really important standard for
me to like her.

Usually the girl then approaches me or gives me an IOI / AI for me to approach
her. So she approaches me, or I approach her.

Also If i approach her, I will just look at her, so SHE will open me. The girl
is almost the first to open her mouth and say somethin. Although sometimes I
will just tell her that i like the way she looks at me.

Anyhow -> Usually she will typically ask me: "why do you look at me like
this?". I will typically tell her: "I like to look at you". She will be
slightly tranced ask me why or somthing else. I will tell her, while looking at
her in this special way, using a certain tonality: "I look at you[pause]
because [pause] I find you .. pleasing [pause] to look at". Now I say it in
dutch, because i'm dutch, and i translated it to english here. So i don't know
if this construction using 'pleasing' is odd or correct. anyhow you guys
shouldn't litteraly copycat. Speak to girl in your own words; congruent to your

About the delivery that i have: A PUA that once observed me is a guy that
studied hypnosis and nlp a lot. He said that while talking to the girl I talked
it in a certain way, and looked in her eyes in certain way. He described this
way as hypnotical. This might be so. I leave this to experts to judge.

To me, when i open a girl (directly) and i talk and look at her, it feels that
i'm totally calibrating with her. When i say callibrating i mean callibratin
with EC, tonality and all other BL. Like me and her are together in our shared
world. Like the rest of the people and noise are fading to vague dots in the
horizon. I believe that when you feel a connection it will also evoke this
connection to actually establish between you and the person in front of you.
Now, with me .. how i see this .. that's how i would probably share this view
with RJ ;-).

My direct way of opening goes pretty well like 1 in 3 times. Some girls just
don't know how to handle such a direct approach, or start testing me really
heavily. I don't like that. I have quite a romantic worldview. The girl of my
dreams wouldn't test me like really heavy. It's not what i like, it's not like
i imagined passion between me and my dreamgirl to be when i was a little boy
age 8 ;-) So i might next if testing is so heavy that i don't find it ammusing
anymore and i like it more to start playing with another girl.

Now let's return to Paraiso's claim: Is my direct game similar to the direct
game that most people here know about? I wouldn't know. I'd be very interested
to hear from you and other guys. I'd like it very much if you'd share your
views about this after having read about my direct way of opening that I used
a lot.

>Understand that just having the balls to
>go up to a chick and telling her she's
>hot is not all that direct is.

I never tell a chick she is hot. And if I listened to shark's CD carefully, I
thought I remember that he tells also to not compliment girl on her body but on
something nonphysical that you like about her. This is what i always do. For me
i like girl for the way she looks and moves. So usually I tell her that? So
walking up to girl and telling her she's hot if another type of direct approach
I think. I might get you fools mate in the club with a drunken chick :D Or
maybe you can pull it if you deliver it like playful joke, but i doubt wether
it's good strategy.

>What I've learned from these dudes is
>that direct is not just a style. It's a
>way in which to carry yourself and the
>effects it has on you. If you live your
>life without excuses you live better.
>This means you make no excuses for
>yourself and more importantly, you don't
>use excuses to talk to women.

What you state here is really important. I couldn't agree more. But JUST THIS
is not good enough. And all players that say only inner game» and self image is
all you need: no! that is NOT true. And guru's that say this are A) lying or
B)they know how to game but don't REALLY understand why their game is working.

I can't stress enough: You also need :

-> social skills,
-> understanding of how (secret) society works (or 'matrix', or whatever
similar trendy term is popular these days),
-> and sometimes you need to play along with widely accepted types of 'excuses'

I don't just say this to shock if you read this and think this. To proof this,
Let me illustrate:

For some time I used to never make any excuses and ALSO don't accept excuses
from >others<. This last thing is really hard. Because women are always full of
excuses. you have to understand and accept that are like this. If you don't,
you can not like them. And if you don't really like a woman, if deep inside you
see her as some kind of enemy that needs to be 'gamed' really hard, you will
not get success. You have to remember that you guys (you and your chick) are on
the same side and have the same goal: to find passion together. You have to
make it happen with her.

>All the talk
>about direct being just an opener is
>nonsense because of one simple factor.
>When you make no excuses for yourself
>you begin to realize how easy the game
>really is. When you get used to living
>at the level of awareness that truly not
>giving a shit about what others say
>about you allows you to, then you'd

Wtf you mean with this? It's totally unclear to me. Somehow it seems like an
argument to say direct is not just about the way of opening. But I don't
understand what your actual argument is here. Please elaborate.

>You can also have a ratings system for
>dicks that stir up needless drama in
>their threads just to get a conversation
>rolling on a subject they like. Read
>your second post and you'll see that you
>did just this. I can't believe you'd
>make such a suggestion. You're a
>fucking joke.

I agree with you. I'm against needless drama also. Though my way of reacting to
posts, has now two times provoked interesting on topic discussion. Firstly with
woodhaven. Secondly with you.

Btw, please be as kind as to tell me, because just a second I really need an
opinion here... I know a guy on this forum who says he don't like needless
drama. Now this is the same guy who is calling me a "dick" and a "fucking
joke", to try to act alpha. What you guys think about him? Hehe. Doesn't matter
pal. I'm just teasing you because i like you. It was a pleasure responding to
your post. I'm interested to see what you and other guys have to say about my
response to it.

Feel welcome to reply. I like it to be back on this forum.


PS. Thanks also to all other guys that replied. I carefully read all your
replies and if I don't awnser them all, doens't mean that I didn't read them
and appreciated them. Thx.

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