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some things I‘m working on that might help others

mASF post by jokerrabit

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some things I‘m working on that might help others
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mASF post by "jokerrabit"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, July 7, 2005

Jokerrabit’s Rules for sarging:

#1 have fun:
If your not having fun she won’t be as interested and you won’t stand out as
much. You can’t get her attention if you don’t stand out. Be comfortable in
your environment wherever you may be and you will not only have fun, but get
attention as well. This should be a part of who you are.

#2 get EC look away then look back with a smile:
See her reaction. If she looks back and smiles or tries to hold back a smile
you have her. She is your 1-% (see rule #9)

#3 always approach EC from 7’s 8’s and 9’s:
Even if it’s just to get her # (the 3 second applies here) the chance of
rejection is almost nil when you get EC. Newb’s should always approach EC if
there even a little attracted. Get close to her but with out walking straight
up to her. Walking straight up to some one is a threat and will be perceived
that way. And if she doesn’t then she will know she has you. You give her
points. So don't do it, instead try to get close to her while appearing to be
after something else. Walk up to her indirectly to confuse her.

#4 talk to her/say something dumb ass:
Start a conversation with her. Then build report build a connection get her
talking about her self and feed her words back to her. Use mirroring, solicit
values, and Feed her patterns

#5 relocate her:
Get her alone your place her place. Make some excuse for her to come back to
your place. Or work out some reason for you to come over or get her alone some
how. Ask her to coffee of pop on the spot if she's busy get her ph# if she asks
for yours instead tell her you never give it out to girls till you know her. If
you give her yours then you've supplicated. Also you want to take her away from
where you met her. This does two things, one it gives her a sense of being out
on a date (Minnie date) right away and the second, thing is that it isolates
her from any distractions friends and possible CB’s.

#6 lay on the kino:
Start touching and kissing, get her hot and don’t let up. If she is alone with
you it’s because she wants to be.

#7 always be willing to walk away:
Always show that you have the willing ness to walk away and back it up if
necessary by walking away. Show that you will bail if she doesn’t behave. That
she has to show you why she is worth your time. This of course shows you have
value. On the same token always try to E&E (Eject & Explain /
Eject-with-Explanation) whenever possible. It’s never a good idea to burn
bridges. do it in a way that allows her the opportunity to understand and "fix"
the reason(s) that caused you to eject. You eject her from your sphere/world,
not the other way around.

#8 don’t bail on a good thing:
If she is a HB7, 8, 9, or 9.5 stick with it till you’re sure you’re not going
to get lade. Don’t leave to try to pick up another girl take her along if you
feel you must get some ones # but don’t bail on her in less she gives you a
reason. I have red too many LR and FR’s where the PUA/AFC walks away when he
could have possibly gotten an SDF (Same Day Fuck) or at least her #.

#9 think about what you want and know you can get it:
When you see some one you like imagine having sex with her to get your-self
motivated to approach her. And walk around like you do when you know your going
to go have sex. Do this and you will get noticed! This should be a part of who
you are.

#10 be assertive/ take control!
When a chick is doing something that is not in your best interests take
Persuade her to surrender- most people don’t want to take charge. Women want
what we have to offer. So give it to her by showing her that she’s not really
in control like holding her gaze. Be assertive take her by the hand and lead
her into whatever you both want, such as the bed room.

#11 always acknowledge EC
Even if you’re not interested smile or say hi. This is part of being social, it
shows you have respect and with out that even the HB’s will shun you.

#12 the 1-% rule:
Remember that at any given moment in any environment 1% of the women will be
available for immediate sex with you. (From “the system” by Roy Valentine)
(Speed Seduction» and NLP will greatly reduce these odds)

#13 the $40 rule
Never spend more then $40s on a date. Less if possible, the least amount you
can spend the better. Your not going to get lade just because you spend money
on her.

#14 leave first:
Always be the first to leave and the first to hang up the phone. It leaves them
anticipating/wanting more.

#15 always look for an opening.
When you see her and even if you don’t have EC try to find something about her
to start a conversation about. In the conversation look for ways to lead the
conversation to talking about sex or to use Patterns Ambiguities Metaphors
Quotes and Stacking Realities. Your goal is to get her thinking about sex with

#16 when she reaches state Anchor it:
Never pass up an opportunity to anchor the state of mind she is in. You worked
hard to get her there don’t waist it. You want to be able to bring her back
there with out having to do the work all over again.

#17 Elicit Values:
Always elicit valves listen for the words she leans on then feed them back to

#18 always look your best:
So you can feel your best. Women pick up on this, it’s not #1 but it is
important just ask a women she tell you how important it is. Ask a woman where
she got her shoos and she tell you.

#19 remember to use the power of Quotes.
Try to have a few quotes memorized. You can say anything so n so said because
so n so said it not you. (I love this!)

#20 stack realities-
A friend of a friend knew this person that once...

#21 compliment her
Only if she’s a 7 or less if she’s an 8 or above DON'T!

#22 get her feeling good:
Get her laughing smiling and feeling good as soon as possible if you don’t
anything else you do wont work. (VERY IMPORTANT!)

#23 Always communicate with an outcome in mind:
When you talk to a women don't do it to be flapping your lips! Think of the
states you want her to be in. Then use your skills to direct her to them.

#24 The 3 second rule.
He who hesitates masturbates! From the moment you have established EC you have
3 seconds to respond. If you wait any longer than that it will be too late.

#25 Ask a lot of questions,
One so that you can get her values and two it allows her to feel she knows you.
Women tend to feel that the more you know about her the more connected you are
to her and the more value you have in her eyes. It can even be silly so that
you are making her laugh at the same time.
Her "are you looking for something?"
You "why should I be looking for something?" (said in a sexy tone of voice)

#26 tell stories:
This gives you control over the situation. As long as your telling a story no
one will interrupt you (that would be rude, so you can call them on it or bust
there balls about it, and you should never allow anyone to interrupt you or
your train of thought) plus while your telling your story you can do stuff that
builds report like stack realities, make EC at key points, wink at people at
key points, use Kinetic, visual and audio languaging another way to stack
realities use gestures and sounds to anchor emotions and more that I can’t
think of right now.

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