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Fearful Pussy/Girly/AFC‘s and direct/indirect game

mASF post by Moonwalker

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Fearful Pussy/Girly/AFC‘s and direct/indirect game
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mASF post by "Moonwalker"
posted on: mASF forum: Advanced Discussion, July 7, 2005


Even RJ hijacking the thread with a reply that has nothing to do with the
actual subject of direct vs indirect.

He probably thought: hey, a thread with lots of replies, it'd be fruitful to do
some promotion for speed seduction» here :D

Damn this forum got so rotten the last view years. Promotion-posts everywhere.

Can't promo-posts just be forbidden and all commercial gurus that do them get
kicked off asf?

Or should I've posted this in the 'suggestions for the site' section?

I still favor a rating system. A nice button beside each post. If to many
readers click this button labeled 'this is a commercial promotion post' then
the author gets expelled from ASF. Like every author is allowed 20 clicks
before he get kicked off the forum. That'd be really cool :D


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