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Seduction is my sticking point

mASF post by Iron_Rinn

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Seduction is my sticking point
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mASF post by "Iron_Rinn"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, June 6, 2005

I recently realized that my main sticking point these days is my weakness with

I got into this stuff about 6 months ago. Prior to that, I had extreme
approach anxiety. One year ago there was no way I would approach a woman I was
attracted to. When I did meet a woman – usually by “default” or by her choice
– I typically established rapport and entered a “comfort” type relationship.
Occasionally sex would ensue and these would turn into LTR’s.

Now, having since decided to get this aspect of my life handled, I have done a
lot of work on improving my ability to approach and attract. I typically enter
sets with high octane type material when I am in a bar situation and a more
direct, rapport building, like, approach when I am approaching a single target
in the day time.
Over the past few months I have gotten much better at generating attraction.
Initially I was very excited by my easy ability to number close. Even got a
quick ONS out of it (in retrospect, possibly a “fool’s mate”) Of course, my
AFC friends were impressed and at first I was getting rather cocky as well.

Numerous flakes later, I am re-examining my game and trying to figure out where
I can make the most improvement. I know that I can open sets and generate
attraction rather easily. I also come from a fairly solid ability to establish
wide rapport and am rather sociable, at least on a superficial level.

What I am lacking is a basic seductive ability.

To remedy this, I stepped back and purchased the basic Speed Seduction» kit. I
have been listening to it and reading it daily. While on an intellectual
level, it seems like an exciting possibility to me, on a practical level, I
feel like it is worsening my game rather than improving it. For the past
couple days I have been trying to work patterns into my conversations with
women and typically I am just getting bizarre looks in return, or at least
that’s how it feels to me.

Perhaps one of the problems is that I need to establish attraction and comfort
before I can move into seduction and I am trying these techniques out too early
in conversation. Perhaps I just need to keep practicing and failing and, like
my attraction ability, I will get better in time.

We shall see…

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