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An old friend, a new enemy?

mASF post by jacques

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An old friend, a new enemy?
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mASF post by "jacques"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, June 6, 2005

On 6/1/05 8:12:00 PM, Arabian wrote:
>What would you have written
>instead? How do you make an
>e-mail more seductive? I
>would appreciate any tips.

OK. Apparently it was not a joke. Sorry if I am harsh, but your letter had
about every mistake possible:
-never say directly that you are a PUA or talk about the "game" ("direct our
conversations towards more emotional states")
-never criticise her logically
-never use logic to seduce them (the "traditional girl" part is very bad)
-never talk about the sex you have with other women (you may imply it, but
never talk directly about it)
-oh, and she may have had a good laugh imagining your practicing break
dance in front of your TV as well.

But the very basic rule is that you can't use this type of seduction IN
You are trying to convince her that you are an attractive, dominating male.
That may work face to face, because you can use body language and not
words. That will never work in writing.

The only methods that can work in writing are C&F and speed seduction»,
because they are indirect (i.e. they use words to create emotions).

So the advice is very simple: don't write. If you have to, just write a short
in the style: "What's up? Still busy with your books? You should see the new
break dance moves I learned lately. What about meeting at club X tonight?".

Note that some people are brilliant in writing, but it is obviously not your
style. To each his own: I suck at dancing, so I avoid it. Knowing your limits
very important in this game. Think about it.

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