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Learnings from in the field

mASF post by Mrhviid

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Learnings from in the field
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mASF post by "Mrhviid"
posted on: mASF forum: Advanced Discussion, May 5, 2005

On 5/26/05 4:05:00 AM, Geoff wrote:

--- *SNIP* ----

>I want to explain
>that adding value to girls is
>simply a matter of enriching
>their lives.

Had a good friend. A natural in every sense of the word. When asked how he got
all his succes he simply answered "I take them out and show them a good
time...". Now... he didn't take any shit from chicks and he didn't take a no
for an answer when trying to get them out of their houses. Smiply brilliant
(sure there were lots of stuff and techniques goin' on too, but without this
frame, to "show them a good time" he would never have had any succes...

Brilliant. Simply brilliant...

>If you can’t
>think of what to say, then you
>better find a way. Right now!
>Sit down and write down 5
>topics that come up when
>you’re talking to the girls.

As mystery says "talk you head of". Being talkative is the no. 1 skill for any
PUA. I agree with this... This is a basic concept and you might as well get
used to training this shit for the rest of your life. Sure you wanna be able to
use that new "super AMOG and LMR blasting push/pull active disinterest speed
routine" you read about last night on mASF... but get this. You can
ALWAYS improve your conversation skills and every little bit you improve at
this will affect the rest of your game in a positive manner.

Now, go get em...

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