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Product Q: DYD: is it bad? David not a real guru?

mASF post by Formlessness&A

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Product Q: DYD: is it bad? David not a real guru?
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mASF post by "Formlessness&A"
posted on: mASF forum: Reviews Discussion, May 5, 2005

I think DYD is the best because he his open in what he shares and shares form
personal experience and with observation from people who are really good in the
field through interviews and seminars and doesn’t proclaim to be this know it
all guru master with a big ego to protect but someone who has gone through the
field and learned some really valuable lessons and gone through breaking down
the whole process to share with us. No ones personal style you can completely
copy cat because it has to fit your personality, so you have to derive from it
to mold to ur personality, and the great thing about DYD is he gets to the
fundamentals so it makes it allot easier to extract it’s essence and TRULY make
it work very well for you. He also with his many excellent guest stars allows
many different perspectives verity and people in ALL diff kinds of
relationships to get different angles on things and allows diversity. I THINK
someone that wants a know it all guru to hold your hand and tell you he is the
best and that talks down on other peoples products etc Ross Jeffries speed

GWM has some good things to extract but again I get that he thinks he’s the
best instead of realizing different people have different outcomes in mind etc
and is stuck in his bubble of things it seems. I think if it where his forum I
almost get the feeling it would only be about him and his method. DYD is much
more fluid and give you MANY outlooks perspectives and shows a array of
lifestyles you may derive precise from here and there. Gunwitch has some good
concepts, but really is a method that mostly would not suit me at all. DYD can
suit people universally because it truly gets to the CORE of things.

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