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mASF post by Icewind

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Re: Speed Seduction»
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mASF post by "Icewind"
posted on: mASF forum: Reviews Discussion, April 4, 2005

<formhandle> wrote in message
news:[email protected]...
> Can you explain to us, more specifically, what were the particular things
> and
> methodologies and aspects of SS that helped you out? Meaning, can you do
> better than a trite testimonial?

Does seem like a plug, doesn't it? can't master SS in 6 weeks.


> ATC wrote:
>>Hey Guys,
>>I would like to review Ross
>>Jefferies Speed Seduction».
>>Let me tell you what happened.
>>I bought the Speed Seduction»
>>Deluxe Home Study Kit.
>>I was so impressed that I
>>signed up for a Speed
>>Seduction Seminar in LA.
>>I performed all the
>>instructions provided by Ross.
>>I performed his new beliefs
>>rituals which installed a new,
>>healthy, positive perspective
>>on dating and seduction.
>>I performed these as he
>>prescribed and I followed his
>>instructions very carefully.
>>He knows what he's doing.
>>I played the CDs continuously,
>>so that I could get my mind
>>around the new thoughts and
>>I also played Dave Riker's CDs
>>I practiced without stress,
>>that is, I didn't necessarily
>>push myself into set unless I
>>was comfortable, again as
>>Within the first week, my
>>inner game» improved
>>dramatically as well as the
>>responses I was getting from
>>By the second week, I was
>>easily getting social proof,
>>IOI, and numbers from the
>>women that I chose.
>>By the time the sixth week
>>came around I was with this
>>great HB, very smart, former
>>personal trainer, and 19 years
>>I followed the concepts behind
>>Speed Seduction» when I spoke
>>with her.
>>And now we've been together
>>for about 6 weeks. And I
>>can't tell you how great it
>>She tells me that she has
>>never felt more empowered,
>>more confident, and more alive
>>And I want for nothing. She
>>says she wants nothing but my
>>I tell you the quality of this
>>relationship is beyond any
>>other that I have ever
>>More importantly the quality
>>of my own perspective and
>>outlook has never been better.
>>I owe it all to the Speed
>>Seduction technology.
>>Have an open mind, give the
>>technology a chance and you
>>will see great results.
> --
> Form [[email protected]]
> Fast Seduction 101 -
> Class is now in session...

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