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Bashev --- Synthesis of My Successes

mASF post by roumen_aka_bashev

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Bashev --- Synthesis of My Successes
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mASF post by "roumen_aka_bashev"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, April 4, 2005

Bashev --- Synthesis of My Successes
Houston Lair

Gentle Introduction

My approach focuses on genuine conversation and interest in the other person
and does not discriminate between attractive and unattractive girls. This
leaves out any need for maintaining a special attitude or state towards a
hot girl. The core of my successes is the enjoyment from social interaction
and the way I (naturally) project it. I have had numerous first night closes
because the sexual tension that results from the girl reacting to my social
enjoyment is high.

Enjoy Social Interaction ... Offshore Someone Interesting


I just jump in and talk. I am casual, natural. I commonly overhear something
and comment on it. Lounges, cafes, and restaurants have a "cocktail party"
atmosphere: all conversation is public. I never get turned down by "this
convo is private". (Note: Contrary to common advice to maintain body facing
away in order to show disinterest, I say it doesn't matter; I am just
social. People focus on my mouth, not my body, when I have something
interesting to say). Other opening situations I find myself in have already
been discussed elsewhere [4]. I look somehow presentable [6] and am
projecting sincere enjoyment from social interaction.


I chill, relax and have no complex thoughts. The night is mine; I am
enjoying it. A conversation is part of that enjoyment. People see my
enjoyment and like me for being able to create a nice experience for myself.
This is key. I naturally connect and move to joke or talk with her about her
personal stories or issues. Thus I establish an axis of conversation with
her centered on us. Topics of conversation can be things I like and things
she likes. This, however, is not fluff. The purpose is to gently turn
commonalities and differences into feelings and mental images and make her
associate with me. If I have time, I might go for [3] and [5].

It is ok for me to initially engage the entire group, but I smoothly focus
the personal humor [1] and experience sharing on the chosen girl while I
equally in terms of time engage the group with fluff. This can be viewed as
a kind of offshoring. Offshoring establishes subconsciously a feeling of
"they are together" in both her and the group ("they go together so well",
"he is soo for her"). This naturally sheds cockblocking. If I discover she
has a bf, but she has high interest in me, I briefly devalue the bf [7].

During the conversation, I usually qualify her with [8]. This is very
consistent with the fact that I am socially enjoying yourself and she has to
be up to par. Sometimes I discover that the girl has nothing to offer TO ME
despite her beauty. For example, she might not be able to put a story
together. If she is not interesting TO ME, why strain myself? If I like the
convo with her, I naturally reflect this and have a genuine connection. Now
I amplify the sexual tension [2].


This is usually easy after the groundwork and there is a lot written about
that. Usually I change venues or simply take a walk with her around the
block. A bench under a tree helps.

In conclusion, IT IS ALWAYS ABOUT ME - my night, my conversation, my fun. I
am willing to walk away if someone cannot quench my thirst for a good social

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