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Field Report: HB8.5swede - validation dlux, lessons learned

mASF post by chariot

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Field Report: HB8.5swede - validation dlux, lessons learned
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mASF post by "chariot"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, August 8, 2005

so we (me, xaneus, MJ) roll out in london on a monday night to find that it
sucks. the only place with people is this bar with a massive line of chodes and
talking to the bouncer doesnt help... we decide to eject home for an early
night so we can get up early... all of us are pissed.

on the way there are two girls in front of us one very hot and the other ok.

I open, have them stopped and engaged.

I do this by basically bombarding the girls with crap... like would you ever
date a man named neville? - oh really? well what if this neville man went to
the beach and got a tan? would you date him then? - oh really? well what would
your friends think if you dated a man named neville?

pure non-reactive rubbish. now if girls stay, listen and respond to your
bullshit - they are totally in your frame from the start... so you can start
busting on them and having fun.

so im fucking with them and they know it... throwing mini cold reads like "your
the dominant one" and all that. the girls are laughing...

we are outside a burger king and they want to head inside for something to
eat... the yuck girl girlcodes the hot one to come inside. I can tell she wants
to stay with me... so i grab her by the arm and drag her back to me... WHILE
talking (important). MJ is quick to run over and occupy the yucky - nice.

So i continue to machine gun spit stuff at this girl...

chariot: so where are you from?
HBswede: sweden
chariot: oh switzerland? ive never been there - cool!
chariot: what? damn! i want you to be from switzerland. you are swiss now. its
HBswede: No its not! have you ever been to sweden?
chariot: Yes all the time
HBswede: Yeah right - where?
chariot: the main bit - anyway next topic
HBswede: hahahahahah
chariot: so why are you here? - actually fuck that - you know what - i can
imagine what you were like in kindergarten... you were shy huh... do you
remember your first kiss?
HBswede: no
chariot: what?! you dont!? well i remember mine... it was kindergarten, when i
was like 5. This girl across from me dropped her pencil under the table so like
a gentleman little 5 yo i went under to pick it up, she went under too - and
when i looked up - she kissed me! i was in shock! 5 yo chariot had never
experienced that before!
HBswede: awww thats cute...

at this point burger king locks its doors and she is upset because she was

chariot: ok lets go find something to eat!
i grab her around her shoulders and walk her off - her friend girlcodes that
she likes MJ, so we are off (thanks MJ)...

we walk and talk - i drop the crap and go rapport now... i ask stuff like what
are you passionate about, etc?

its 2am now so we have to walk all the way to chinatown for food. all the
passive IOI's are there - eg. i grabbed her hand then drop it 5 mins later -
and she picks it back up. I can tell that she likes the physical contact.

so we get to the restaurant and its very comfortable - no weirdness even though
ive pulled her off her friend at 2am. i start with emotional connection deluxe.
she talks about her BF that she split up with 2 months ago - qualifying that he
wants her back, blah blah. I do something i havent done in a while - The CUBE.
She goes all doggy dinner bowl - and asks "Are you single?" - its ONNNN!

we find out that i leave london the same day she does... back to sweden, im
back to NY.

we finish up and its 3am and she has to work at 9am and lives far away! FUCK.
No pull tonight. And im not taking her back to my manky hostel. That is
reserved only for russian pornstars ;)

so i walk her to her bus stop to solidify it up for day2. i actually like this
girl for now.

we get there and all is rosy... its super comfortable, fun - shes asking stuff
like "did you have a fun night with me?" all good.

We find her stop and i just stand there to see what she does... she comes up
and hugs me close boyfriend/girlfriend style. Looks up - i look into her eyes
and kiss her passionately... grabbing her around her fit waist and touching her
hair - all that. Damn im getting very turned on by her... she has this gymfit
tanned as body, blonde hair - cute blue eyes, and shes treating me like a
boyfriend she is in love with... great.

This continues for the next 20 mins... all is well. The bus rolls up and she
breaks off to get on... im thinking this is retarted i call her back "Hey! -
your number?"

she turns and is all like "I have to get on the bus. Thank you for the best
night and all the stories" she gets on. My cirucuits fry and i bail quickly -
in my head im like "what. the. fuck. was. that?". There is no logical
explaination for this. It was more on than some of my previous fuck closes.

here are some reasons why i think this may have failed...

1. its feeling too boyfriend/girlfriend too early - and shes still in love with

and number 2 which i think makes more sense

2. shes fully validated. its like when newbies enter sets, the girls respond
positively and they eject feeling great - but with no result. Well my swede
girl got me, had passionate makeouts, felt great - and ejected all dreamy to
feel good on the bus. But gets no real result.

anyway i get back and MJ tells me the girls have no phones here. damn - should
have set up day2 then and there.

fuck. oh well - better than going home early i guess...

until the next swede report

chariot dlux

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