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Field Report+ Must Keep grubby Hands To Self!!: Cute day 2

mASF post by brainfreez

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Field Report+ Must Keep grubby Hands To Self!!: Cute day 2
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mASF post by "brainfreez"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, July 7, 2005

Please comment, constructive criticism, flames, whatever, I am sharing this
with you so I can learn. thanks


I #closed HBlookslikeJoeyfromDawsonsCreek at our favorite club in Vienna as she
was leaving with her group of girlfriends, while WattSecond #closed her
insanely cute friend, who I call HBcutie. HBlookslikeJoeyfromDawsonsCreek
voiced how impressed she was with me and begged me to meet her until we had a
Day 2 two days later.

I met her in MuseumsQuartier, a cool open place with chairs to sit in the sun.
As soon as we meet she is asking me questions such as 'tell me about you, I
want to know everything about you' it is not like she is qualifying me, she
seems to want to go straight into rapport which I accept as I assume this young
girl has rationalized attraction already due to the fact she is simply meeting
me, and this is natural, as she really does not know much about me apart from
10 minutes of material I ran on her. Still, I feel uncomfortable going straight
into rapport and giving my life story from the moment we meet. This is the
first day 2 I have had with so little ground work done on the first meet, and I
am unsure how to be handling things. I quickly venue change to Shonbrun Castle
(sp?) on the spur of the moment because I have heard that this tourist spot is

I have a secret goal (secret to myself, I think) of laying this girl today,
even though I am sure she is a virgin. and with the amount of time I see we are
spending together I feel that this could be possible. I am trying to hold back
from pushing the sexual too much, I used to behave this way with my girlfriend
and it was fine in a relationship, but not on day 2s. I hold back but know I am
overdoing it still when she says to me 'ok you are horny' and 'come on I'm
trying to talk with you here' as I go to kiss her.. This is sticking point. I
need to eliminate anything that shows me as needy with girls. I pull back and
fight the natural urge to just cuddle her and kiss and begin to notice that she
is starting to grab me, and she is hugging me.

The meet goes on for several hours and I create some strong rapport but just
telling stories from my past and things I have done that are exiting, I tell
the stories describing pictures as well as how I felt and by sharing similar
experiences with her, and finding commonalities and experiencing those
together. Simply just sharing emotions.

I am feeling that I am connecting ok with her but I feel I could do this
quicker if I had super tight rapport game. She asks me at one point 'when was
the last time you cried?' and I answered her. THIS QUESTION WAS AWESOME, I I
realise that my rapport game needs work when I compare it to the stuff I was
talking about (exciting experiences, moments when you were scared). This girl
has awesome rapport game, maybe becuase she is into all this emotional girl
shit, but also maybe becuase she feels comfortable sharing emotional stuff like
this with me, and I usually wouldn't dream of asking somebody somthing as
personal as that, even if I wanted to know.

We are miles from my apartment but I manage to venue change back to the area I
live in as I say I want to get my bearings, she agrees and back at my place I
suggest getting pizza, which she pays for, and I presell a movie I have at my
place that we can watch, she gives a knowing smile and I immediately respond
with 'don't get any ideas...I know that look in your eye you give me
sometimes... You're gonne sit on a chair in the middle of the room...we're just
gonna sit and WATCH THE MOVIE, ok?' etc Little does she know I have no fucking
movie at my apartment, when we get there we will read Babar the Elephant
together, I'll get her on my bed and I'll see what feels right to do..maybe
I'll get the lay but who knows...

Anyway, in the natural flow of conversation I mention her friend HBcutie who is
simultaniously Day 2ing with Wattsecond, and I see a little button click in her
head and she decides to call her friend, she cannot get through....... back at
my apartment she calls her friend and speaks some German, then informs me 'I
have to leave in 15 minutes...I want to meet HBcutie and see how it went with
Wattsecond.' I am a little confused at what the fuck just happened but I am
sure it happened when I mentioned her friend, I prolly set off some Social
Matrix shit in her head, but who knows.

I Venue change to my bed with Babar the Elephant and kiss her cheek as she
reads. She shakes her head and I then logically explain that i can control
myself, but if she cant then its fine.

This logical explanation of what I want to do, that I enjoy sex but I don't
mind if we have it or not, is something I have started doing recently. It seems
to be a cool technique but I cannot help thinking that it is a very male way of
going about things, and that logically explaining stuff like this is limited,
what's the opinion?

I carry on from the LMR cool as a mo'ker... she seems comfortable again so I
try to kiss again, and she does not want to. I know she is going to leave soon
because during this she her friend calls her or something, and she then informs
me that her mom is worried about her, plus I have tried to get her horny for
the second time and is has damaged the set. So in order to pull this back I
jokingly throw her out of my room because she 'cannot control herself'... this
is a money technique that i will remember, but it was prolly applied a little
bit too late.

Anyway she is leaving and I walk her back and she rationalizes that its all ok,
I should be meeting her again soon with my lesson truly learned this
time...must keep my grubby hands too myself. I LOVE THE GAME.


'Be prepared' - Cub Scout Motto

"The is no 'fake it til you make it,' but there is 'fake it til some average
guy from the street takes your chick'" - Shark

"My big realization is that for me, the game comes down to state and state
control." - Top Dog

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