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Still not strong enough for my personal 10‘s

mASF post by Riker_AUT

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Still not strong enough for my personal 10‘s
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mASF post by "Riker_AUT"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, August 8, 2005

Okay...I've again had an evening where I reached the point of asking me where
to take it from here. There's a certain level of game that's still not open to
me. But now for the details...

I was out with Wattsecond and another wing today when I saw two cute chicks at
Vienna Rathausplatz, big open air event.

I opened the blonde one (really nice face) with "You're cute, where are you
from?" as I had noticed that they were speaking english.

Much C&F ensues as it turns out they are from America (my blonde target) and
New Zealand, dancers training and teaching at the Impulse Dance Festival here
in Vienna.

Eventually Wattsecond came into the set and she started feeling embarrassed as
he was throwing a few badly calibrated remarks towards them two, so they left.

I knew that personally I was still in, so I decided to re-open them and left my
two wings to do their own thing. I sat down next to them at the table they had
meanwhile occupied and we had a lot of fun talking about american stereotypes,
dancing, arts etc.

Later a french guy showed up as well, who was also dancing at the festival, and
then some other girls from Greece and Japan. Really cool crowd. The french dude
especially had all the manners and signs of a very successfull player.

After two bottles of red wine which we shared between us and as midnight was
closing in we decided to hit a Salsa Club all togheter, and that was where I
really felt weak as I was the only one not being a trained dancer. The french
dude took my blonde target for a spin, and it looked amazing as the two of them
put down a salsa. My dancing skills to that music were non-exsistant however.

She's enganged to a guy in the states, so he didn't land anything, but
obviously he was able to build a certain chemistry between the two of them
which I didn't manage to do the whole evening long.

It was a great night, I met a cool bunch of people and we had a lot of fun, but
I also started wondering...

Basically, for me this was as high-value a girl as they come, in a high value
crowd. These were artsy, intellectual people from all over the world,
individual well-developed characters, open to meet new persons, very
successfull, high self-esteem, satisfied and happy with their lives.

The guy should have girls all over him just by the way he dances. The blonde
one was just too hot, the way she moved etc. and from what I gathered she had a
pretty flawless personality. A perfect LTR.

For me personally, I really don't know how I can game inside such a crowd.
These people are really happy with their lives, they have all they want. I
don't know what would make me interesting to girls inside this circle.

I just don't see how I can present a high enough social value to these kind of
girls to be of interest for them.

My game (which has worked decently this year) currently is based on qualifying
the girls, on coming in with a higher or at least equal social value, on being
a challenge to these girls and on being interesting by having an interesting
life and personal story (no fake DHVs etc. for me). This draws it's power from
the fact that most girls are not perfectly secure, willing to qualify themself
to a stronger frame etc. And that I as a person offer something unique and
interesting to the girls (like for example my photography-arts).

But for the kind of chicks I met tonight, that just doesn't cut it. There
wasn't even any frame or dominance tests going on. My whole game couldn't even
hook a start.

This reminds me of what I once posted about the chick working as waitress,
perfect body, really sweet face, rich parents, great education.

In summary, these girls often are:
Well traveled
multi-lingual (today most of the girls spoke at least three languages
Great education (my target had a photo-arts and psychology major next to 20
years of dance training)
Hot-looking (sweet trained body and cute face with the right sense of dress
Socially open and well-connected to other cool people
High self-esteem

Seems to me with all they have for themself, I don't even show up on their
"male radar". What do I do here?

I'm back, and better than ever.

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