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SV: Field Report: Direct club sarging using RJ Method

mASF post by razorjack

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SV: Field Report: Direct club sarging using RJ Method
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mASF post by "razorjack"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, June 6, 2005

Howdy bro!

On 6/13/05 3:41:00 PM, jessieblue wrote:
>Finally, feedback from the RJ
>himself. Let me just say first
>of all that I'm a big fan of
>RJ method.

Cool beans! :)

>I may suck at
>applying it for now, but I'm
>willing to work and improve by
>writing FR and getting bitch
>slapped when I do bad :).

Hehehe...Don't worry about it man, I bitchslap everybody, I just didn't want
you to feel left out! :)

But you can rest asure that if I bitchslap you then I'll also help you out as
much as I can! :)

Seriously I don't think it will take you that long to get RJM down, cuz as I'll
show you it's really about you.

>let's get to the constructive

Yes, indeed! :)

>>The opener is OK, your attitude and body language is just as important as the
opener. But you >did
>>good! :)
>Thanks man. I have to say that
>I was stunned at the reaction
>of the HBs when I went direct
>and confident. it's like
>they're hypnotized for a few
>secconds with a smile on their

Exactly! Then you did it perfectly! :)

Opening like this is very powerful, it gets you in so fast.

>>Chicks are flattered, cuz no other guys are this bold! That in turn sparks
sveral things like
>>attraction, nervousness, curiosity, etc. That's why this approach is so
>Exactly. I actually can't
>remember a girl from that
>night not beeing attracted
>right after the opener.

Yes, now you know why I can successfully open about 90% of my approaches.

Keep it up and I have no doubt you'll be able to do the same, if not better! :)

>>It's because you sparked curiosity and attraction, but your conversation
skills need work.
>My conversation skills do not
>suck at all. The problem here
>is that I went direct for the
>first time in a nightclub and
>I had the BL congruent with
>the opener. That sparked
>attraction so fast that I was
>taken by surprise and didn't
>go for routines or anything, I
>just let my mouth go to get
>use to being myself. Now, if
>you tell me what to say after
>the opener, I can make it
>work, no problem.

OK, I understand. Actually alot of guys are suprised by how well this opens
chicks. And yes, they experience the same thing, they're taken by suprise and
don't know what to do next!

But let's see if I can help you with what to do after the opener.

>>I have NEVER stated that you should have your back to the others in the
>>This is BAD! They will think you are a rude asshole.
>I was trying a technique that
>Mike 123 posted about a few
>days ago. I thought that if he
>uses it than you are doing the
>same. But the reaction of the
>group was fine, they let me do
>my thing without CBing
>initially. I blew myself out
>after a while, the group just
>stood there.

Yeah Mike123 experiments with a lot of different things. I never told him to
work groups like that, he does that on his own. I think he developed this on
his own by using ideas from other PUAs, but I'll let him answer that.

>>Instead approach groups like this:
>>1. Open your target directly. Enough so the rest of the group knows why
you're approaching >as well
>>as your target.
>>2. When you open direct and the group knows this, they will feel like they
are being rude if
>>cockblock! :) So this is always good.
>>3. After the opener ask the first question and observe her reaction as well
as the reaction of
>>group. If the group gives you 2 room to interact, then continue with the
target. If they hang
>>around the target, that means the target and group are very close friends.
Then you can
>>with kino and physical contact(NOT too blatant though) with your target WHILE
you interact >with
>>the others in her group. Others in the group will think you're cool and when
your target sees
>>that, it will increase attraction.
>I was doing something like
>that, actually, but you just
>expressed it better so now
>i'll be doing it consciously.

OK, cool!

>>Work on your conversational skills and connecting with your target instead of
bullshitting >around.
>What do I say, how do I go
>into connecting after the

OK, this is actually much simpler than people think. I'll explain further on

>ok, i deserved that.

Haha...Yeah you know I'm not shy about dealing out bitchslaps! :)

>>You said 3 sentences and are already trying to close?
>My mistake, I knew I was gone
>at that point, so going for
>the # was like my last shot at
>that PU. But I knew it won't

OK, then we'll work on getting you to continue effectively after the opener.

>>Get to know her! Talk to her about things that you like doing and find out if
she likes doing the
>>same things! Find out what else does she likes! Demonstrate personality and
connect with her!
>Now were getting somewhere.
>could you give examples., like
>what to ask, how to transition
>in to asking that after
>opening, what do you say after
>opening? That way I can see
>how it's done and substitute
>into your talking the things
>that interest me about her, I
>just need to know a few
>concrete stuff.

Yes, I'll do just that at the end of the post after I comment on the rest.

>>>: I already gave my number to another guy in here.
>>> Me: So you like him better then me?(smiling)
>dude, stop slapping me.

OK, maybe that was one too many! :)

Haha...I can't help it! Once I get started I just can't stop!

Wait....I'm trying to hold this one back


See I'm addicted! :)

>I know
>I did it wrong, because I
>didn't get the girl, i'm not
>stupid. Everybody says "you
>did wrong that and that" and
>that's fine, but I know where
>I did wrong myself. What I
>need is to know how to do it

OK, then you're halfway there. Knowing what you did wrong is halfway to solving
the problem. Let's see if we can fix the other half.

>I am internally validated, I
>don't give a shit what a girl
>initially thinks about me.
>That's not an issue with me. I
>wasn't really asking her to
>rate me near that other
>probably fictitious guy.
>That's just what came out of
>my mouth as a last shot at
>that PU.

OK, I gotta give you props though for doing excellent on the approach. I
couldn't have done it better myself. It takes alot of balls to approach like
this. So well done!

This is where alot of guys have misconceptions. They think opening chicks like
this gives away all the "power". Which is just insecurity talking IMO. When you
truly don't give a shit about what others think of you, then you'll realize
that you're not giving away shit when you approach like this.

>>You assume attraction and you get to know her. If you like her personality
then you try to >connect
>>with her by trying to find out positive qualities, hobbies, etc that you
admire in people/chicks.
>>All while you escalate kino. It's not harder than this!
>ok, that's really helpful. I
>am starting to understand now
>how to continue after opening.
>Could you please give some
>examples, that would help me
>make a better ideea

Yes this is what you were missing. I'll give you a detailed example at the end
of the post.

>>A guy who is attractive to chicks and has chicks already gets pussy already.
He isn't after new
>>chicks for just the pussy, like you were doing. Get to know a chick before
going for the pussy!
>I don't want just pussy, I
>want a girlfriend. MLTRs
>actually. But I guess I was
>behaving as if I just wanted
>fast lays.

Yes, exactly. This is good that you're seeing this yourself. You may not have
been trying to go just for the pussy, but it seemed like it to her and to us

>>You don't need routines! You need to find out things about her personailty
that turn you on! >Get
>>to know her, enjoy the process of getting to know her and connecting with
her. THAT is why >you
>>should be playing the game. The pussy is just an extra bonus!
>Completly agree. I play the
>game for this exact reason.

Excellent! Then you will definitely go a long ways when it comes to PU.

>>You totally missed the rapport part of the PU. You jump into rapport/mid game
right after the
>I don't get what you are
>saying here. how did I miss
>the rapport part if I jumped
>right in to it?

OK, sorry for the misunderstanding. What I meant to say was that yes, you did
skip the rapport part altogether.

What you should have done was jumped into rapport/midgame right after the
opener. Is this clearer?

>>I can't stress this enough. Too many guys focus on just opening. Approaching
and opening is >only
>>10% of the PU.
>Again, I don't get it. Do I
>open direct then go right in
>to rapport?

Yes, exactly! Rapport is what I describe in my method. The trust and comfort
come from your body language, attitude, kino etc.

Then you build a connection by finding out what you want to know about the

>Ok, I'm starting to see the
>light. Thanks for taking the
>time RJ.

No problem bro!

All right now let me give you what you've been waiting for.

OK when building a connection, what you want to do is find out positive
qualities that you like in chicks.

This isn't easy to do in the beginning. It requires a little practice, but I
promise you it will be well worth the effort cuz it will be GENUINE. And once
you get the basic technique it will flow from you naturally and congruently.

OK, before you go out to PU next time. Do this little exercise:

First think about what you want with the chicks you are approaching. You
mentioned you wanted a gilrfriend/mLTR.

That's good.

Now think about what qualities your girlfriend/mLTR must have in order for you
to feel attracted to her. Like for instance, I want a chick that I can travel
with. So she would need to like travelling. I also want her to like
experiencing new things, cultures, activities, etc. I also want her to be a

You may want a chick you can play tennis with or go sky diving with. Or you may
want to do outdoor activities with her. Or have romantic candle lit picnics on
the beach at sunset. Think of things that YOU want to do with your gf/mLTR.
Think of several scenarios. Paint vivid pictures and be able to describe the
scenes with words. This is what you are going to use to connect with chicks.

Whatever you do, do NOT use the same bullshit qualification crap that every guy
on mASF uses: "Are you adventurous? Can you cook?, etc"

Instead describe what adventurous is to YOU. Adventurous for one person can
mean to try salsa dancing, while it means bungy jumping for another. Be
specific, it's VERY important and you will make a much more powerful impact and
feel a GENUINE connection to the chick if you do it right!

OK, first read what I wrote about the qualities I want in chicks above. Then
follow along here as I show you how to go from the approach to straight into

RJ(slides arm around HB): You know you look so stunning that I had to come over
here and talk to you!
HB(lights up) Oh thank you!

At this point they are often attracted and very curious about you. The best
part is that she knows that you have a good impression of her and she doesn't
want to ruin that. She wants to impress you and try to connect with you, so you
will find her more attractive. So now you start connecting with her by telling
her what qualities you admire in women, so she can impress you with her

RJ: You know my intuition tells me, that you are like me, a person that enjoys
experiencing new experiences. For instance I love travelling. My favorite place
is Italy. I was down there for about 3 weeks this one time and I...(go into a
vivid story about my trip to Italy, what I did there, how I felt, describing
the scenery, the people etc) Have you ever been there before?
HB: No but I would love to go there!
RJ: Cool! Let me ask you then what's the best place you ever been to?
HB: It would have to be Kenya!
RJ: Kenya? Wow that's interesting! I've never been there before. What did you
find most intriguing about Kenya?
HB: Bla bla
RJ: How long were you there? What did you do down there? What made you decide
to go just to Kenya?, etc

OK now look at the way I'm communicating with her. First I'm talking about
something I love doing. I tell her WHY I love doing it, what my experiences are
with that, how I feel about it, etc. I'm opening myself up to her and she
understands that this is something I'm passionate about. NOW she understands a
bit more about HOW to attract me! Namely to start talking about travelling! She
will feel like she's getting to know you and start to feel a connection with

So she now tells me about her trip to Kenya. And since I love travelling I want
to find out WHAT she liked about Kenya. Why she went there? What she did
there?, etc So now I get to know her for who she REALLY is. Since I'm genuinely
interested in travelling and this chick, I want to now find out about other
places she's been to. Just on this subject alone, you should be able to
continue conversation for a long while.

The best part? This is a process that both you AND the chick will enjoy doing,
THAT is the whole point of doing this.

Then you continue with the next quality like being romantic or outdoor
activities or whatever you enjoy.

Do you see how easy this is?

This is why I say it's easy, natural and dynamic. It's easy cuz it's all about
YOUR passions which you should be able to talk about for hours on end! It's
natural cuz it's totally congruent with who you are and what you want. It's
dynamic cuz you give chicks a chance to suprise you! No 2 chicks will have done
the same things and if you give them a chance to tell you about their passions,
they will suprise you sometimes with what they've experienced and what they're
passionate about. And you will feel a GENUINE connection with them!

That is the beauty of RJM and why I LOVE the game! :)

And the chicks will love you cuz NO other guy talks to them like this! They all
talk about the same old bullshit:"what do you do? Where are you from?, etc"

So combine this technique above with kino and gradual escalation at the right
time and you will be unstoppable! :)

>I read your Method
>and your posts. You are one of
>the people that I would like
>to meet someday,

Well come on down to the Euro Summit and you'll get to meet me. I'll be on one
or 2 of the discussion panels and will also be running a mini workshop, I
think. All the details aren't worked out yet, but should be pretty soon.

>and any
>advice you have for me is much

Well hopefully this has opened your eyes a bit and helps you move forward.


"Why do we chase women instead of settling for one - like most of the other
guys in the world? No clue. We are a unique class of guys. Maybe we got cut off
too early from our mother's milk - so we spend the rest of our lives looking
for that same titty again." - Zan

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