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Field Report: A night of superhearing

mASF post by broverho

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Field Report: A night of superhearing
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mASF post by "broverho"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, May 5, 2005

On 5/26/05 11:45:00 AM, Gem wrote:
>So last night I turned on my
>superhearing, didn't drink too
>much and actually heard a lot
>of what was said about me.

Is it a normal device for the hard of hearing? Are you?
Can normal hearing people just use this?
That listening in is awesome.

I tried to analize the report although I believe you are quite a bit more
advanced than me. RAFC here, pretty slow but consistent unstoppable developer.

>So my superhearing turns on
>and I listen to the guys
>around me talking about me.
>These are 6 foot pretty boys
>who are bitching and moaning
>about me talking to girls! I'm
>being referred to as an
>"asshole" and someone who is
>only there to pick up girls,
>etc. I get this a lot and it's
>quite intimidating. This
>happens not only because of my
>dressing well and looking
>generally good but because
>I've adopted the Asshole
>Rockstar attitude (quite by
>accident really) and guys get
>very very upset by my mere
>presence it seems.

them talking shit = envy because although they are 6 feet good looking material
they don't have your balls

you caring about them talking shit = beta

Apart from this there could be a congruence problem. More on that later ...

>So a mixed 4-set stand next to
>me (not too close) and the
>girl is giving me AI. She
>tells the guys to check me out
>and I get the usual
>approval/disapproval shit. She
>tells them to go away for a
>while and stands next to me
>playing with her mobile. I
>think about approaching just
>as a warmup but I don't, I
>really really really don't
>like Spanish chicks.

Darn, I often get situations like that but when I can't listen in I sometimes
rationalize that their AIs are mere coincidence and not real AI.
Damn again, this superhearing is cool equipment.

>So the place starts filling up
>and this couple come and sit
>next to me. The girl is HOT
>and she's shooting me EC. I
>wait till the guy goes to the
>toilet and open her, she's
>into me and things are going
>well. He comes back and I
>leave her to it while I'm
>scanning the room. He's
>talking to her while looking
>over her shoulder at me all
>the time, it's actually quite
>unnerving. I turn on the
>superhearing again and he's
>doing all he can to discredit
>me to her. "He's definitely
>gay, he thinks he's so cool"

That's not your problem that he is all AFC. It is his and the chick, given that
she has the slightest game, will LJBF him soon enough for his insecurity.

>etc. I go to the toilet and on
>the way back go to get a
>drink. She's at the bar and I
>get her to buy my drink and
>give her the money. We go back
>to our seats and I ask her if
>she's with the guy, she says
>"Yeah, it's a first date" and
>I say "Do you want me to leave
>you guys alone then" and she
>says "Yeah thanks, that's so
>cool of you!".

Yes, she has the frame, you're too nice as you said later.

>I'm playing EC with a lovely
>HB dancing near me and signal
>for her to join me. She is
>enjoying dancing so I join
>her. I'm asking for her name,
>but she just wants to know why
>I didn't bring my drink along.
>She doesn't want to talk, just
>dance, so we dance a bit.

Again, she has the frame, you are in her world.
Shit, happens to me too very often.

>get bored and go sit down
>again. She's got guys dancing
>around her all the time but
>she keeps EC with me. I go
>back to dance with her a bit
>again but get bored again.
>Eventually one of the guys who
>was more persistant get her,
>dance, tonguedown, close. I
>should have pushed it harder
>with kino but I didn't have
>enough guts and I was playing
>too hard to get.

Yes, this also happens to me all the time. The non-needy stuff is good for
initial attraction game but there is a point where we must show them that it's
gonna be a sexual encounter, period.
I get the idea that we are similar types of player, where are you from? Can't
you come to the Vienna summit? Winging would probably be like seeing one's own
mistakes from third person perspective.

>The couple next to me are
>seriously chatting about me
>again so on goes the old
>superhearing. He's saying "Oh
>he's not all that, he won't
>get laid. He's all show and
>nothing else." and the girl is
>starting to agree with him.
>they tonguedown and as they
>leave she says to me "Good
>luck, I hope you find some."
>with fucking pity in her eyes.
>Jesus, I felt like an insect,
>reduced to nothing!

you caring = beta
Here we have the congruence problem that becomes obvious for them looking right
through your PUA-disguise, BUT: that is no problem at all. We all have it all
the way between AFC and PUA. People will see through it and bear contempt for
us but we don't give up, we leave the comfort zone again and again and
eventually get a life that for most people is just plain unreal.
I read a nice thing today that comes from buddhist scripture: "May some man
defeat a thousand warriors in a battle - he who conquers self is the greatest

Apart from that the couple with their pity for you is an obvious LSE-attempt to
make themselves feel better at the cost of someone who stumbles and falls while
conquering self. Forget them and let them dwell in their shitworld. You will
and I assume already do live in a much better world.

>I do a bit of dancing and then
>leave. No lay, no nothing,
>another bad night....
>Lessons learnt:
>Jesus, where do I start....
>I obviously am creating an
>expectation and then not
>living up to it. If you're
>going to look like a sexy
>motherfucker you should at
>least have the balls and
>confidence to back it up. I do
>sometimes but not
>consistently. I'm not keeping
>my state good throughout the
>night and that is because I'm
>not in set all the time.
>Mystery is right, be in set
>all the time and you won't
>I'm getting intimidated by
>random AMOGs, it's just the
>sheer number of them and their
>reactions to me is quite
>extreme. I need to be strong
>enough to walk over these guys
>or to ignore them.
>I should have closed the chick
>who was sitting next to me, my
>game was way better than that
>guys' but I'm all being nice
>and leaving them alone. This
>is bloodsport, there's no
>place for Mr. Nice here. Next
>time I will take the girl and
>the guy can go fuck himself!
>He spent the whole night
>talking shit about me to the
>girl and I am nice and get him
>laid! What a fucking idiot I
>am!!! No more.
>Approach approach approach!
>I'm getting lazy because of my
>FBs so I'm not putting enough
>effort into closing new ones.
>Also my AFC tendencies are
>creeping back because I'm not
>out enough!
>There ya go guys, hope some
>people can relate to this.

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