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Outing Report: Sarges Melbourne (long)

mASF post by AussieWolf

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Outing Report: Sarges Melbourne (long)
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mASF post by "AussieWolf"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, March 3, 2004

[Took the poster's name off the subject line, as per the Posting Guidelines

Hey guys. For those who don’t know me, I am a recently turned 20yr old student
from Australia. Was a nice guy my whole life and have only in the last year or
so, thanks to this site, have been changing that. Lost my virginity roughly 7
months ago and am currently working on getting lay number 3.

Recently returned from the Australian PUA Summit, which was held in Melbourne.
When I say recently, it was a month ago, but I wrote everything down in a
journal at the end of each night so I recall most of it.

I haven’t posted in a while due to an unforeseen detour into AFC country for a
little while. I’ll explain in a paragraph…

After my bad fuck session with HBscottish, I would have a fucked up New Years
in which I could have closed a solid 8 who was very cute and throwing IOI’s at
me, but I just had to go for the blonde 9.5 giving me none. I had no game with
her, I would soon realize she had the personality of a raisin and all of my C&F
would just bounce off her. Without getting too far into it, I became a complete
nice guy and looked after her until she left me, without a word of goodbye,
standing on the street by myself at 4am. This would lead me to feeling very
dejected and more then a little angry with myself. I would find myself sitting
on the beach near my house, smoking a cigarette and watching the sun slowly
peaking over the horizon and bringing in the New Year. I decided right then to
get back on the path to becoming the Mack Daddy I was born to be :)

Ok now for the Summit:


Caught the bloody early (therefore least expensive) flight from Sydney and
arrived in Melbourne. Having never traveled to another city to stay and live by
my own means, it was a trip to say the least. My first impression of the
so-called “Nightlife Capital of Australia” was that it was just like New York…
on a grid and with yellow fuckin taxis. The second thing that struck me was, I
know absolutely nobody here… and no one knows me either. I soon experienced
what I will call travelers confidence, as I found I was feeling a level of
confidence that I have so far only felt when drunk or on coke… umm not that I
have done that…

I soon realized that I was in uncharted territory and would have to come up
with some sort of plan. After all, I didn’t even have any idea where I was
staying or when I was going to meet any other PUA’s. I figured that the
smartest thing to do would be to find my base of operations first. After taking
roughly 20 minutes to get my head around what I was doing, by basically leaning
against a wall, smoking and gazing at a pretty cool city, I went to find out
where I could stay. I wasted no time asking all of the HBs I saw if they knew
where I could find a place to stay (I looked like such a traveler, with my
backpack, carry bag and guitar). After asking a few I started to warm up a bit
and started to throw in some C&F.

HB: Sorry I have no idea.
AW: You have a couch don’t you?
HB: Yeah…
AW: (wiggles eyebrows until she gets it)
HB: Omg noo! Hahaha etc.

Was fairly tired though and so I eventually found the accommodation directory
where I phoned around for an hour and after flirting with a receptionist,
negotiated a single room within my budget.

So I had organized a place to stay… now I had to make sure that other PUA’s
were even going to turn up. I found the nearest Internet café and checked out
if any details were posted. There were none, but I had left ‘Sirducer’ my email
addy and had faith he would contact me. With that done I fucked off to find my

Getting there proved quite difficult, as Melbourne’s simplistic grid was
confusing for someone so used to the chaos of Sydney. When I get there, the
receptionist turns out to be around 30, and roughly a 7.5… good enough to
practice on. When she saw my guitar she was like:

HBreceptionist: Oh you play guitar?
AussieWolf: Yeah, It’s like my second favorite hobby
HBreceptionist: Really? What’s your favorite?
AussieWolf: (says nothing, slight smile, eyebrows up)
HBreceptionist: (slightly flustered) Oh… Well…

SIDE NOTE: I made that up on the spot, as I do with all my calls. Although it
was probably in my subconscious after reading someone posting “Your like the
second meanest girl I’ve met all night”. It is a very powerful tool that plays
on an uncontrollable curiosity. Whether or not I used it in the correct
fashion, it was still good to realize and has been stored for future use.

I then paid for my room, got my key and went up to my new room. Was pretty
cool… good enough to bring an HB back to. Put my stuff away and pretty much
fell asleep then and there. Woke up around midnight and found I had an email
from Sirducer. He gave me his details and the details of 4 other PUA’s in the
area. It was all coming together. After playin guitar for a bit and grabbin a
kebab from down the road, I finally conked out again.


Woke up around noon wondering how the hell I could sleep so much when I had so
much to do. Decided that I had to make sure I was completely prepared for the
coming week. So I went out into the city in search of guitar strings, phone
recharge card and condoms :) Was still just semi sarging, by asking HBs where I
could find these things… on reflection I should have asked about the condoms…
oh well live and learn. After buying the recharge card, I gave Sirducer a call
and we organized to meet up on Wednesday but that I should give ‘Hoobie’ a call
to do something that night. Bought my supplies and some food, returned to the
motel, cleaned and restrung my guitar and stashed the condoms. Gave Hoobie a
call and we arranged to meet that night to go sarging. I felt good because
things were finally going to start happening.

I went downstairs to go play some pool. While sorting out getting the pool
balls from the receptionist who I still flirted with, I noticed an extremely
hot girl roughly my own age standing nearby. She had the most amazing eyes I
have ever seen… plus her perfect body wasn’t too shabby either :) She was a 9.5
(I never use 10 because I don’t know what a 10 would look like) and shall be
known as HBamazing.

HBamazing: Hi I’m HBamazing (offers hand)
AussieWolf: AussieWolf, nice to meet you (shakes hand)
HBamazing: So your playing pool? Maybe I could play with you.
AussieWolf: Yeah sure (trying not to laugh at innuendo), I always like a
Receptionist: You guys should exchange room numbers.
HBamazing: Yeah ok, ###
AussieWolf: ###
HBamazing: Cool, well I gotta go get stationary now. Might be able to play with
you later.
AussieWolf: Hey sweet, come and find me.
HBamazing: Seeya
AussieWolf: (Walking up stairs) Seeya

Ok now this had been quite a rush for me, for there I was in front of the
hottest girl I had seen since arriving, and she had thrown me a couple of IOI’s
and given me her room number. Needless to say I was excited, and it took almost
everything I had to play it cool. However my C&F and conversation skills were a
bit rusty, as I could have played upon the innuendo and inquired into the
stationary scene. Played pool for several hours (I’m rather good and obviously
obsessed) but didn’t see HBamazing again. No use crying over spilt milk though,
I got all dressed up in my “just got off work” bartender outfit and went
downstairs to meet Hoobie.

Got into his sweet ass ride and we headed off towards a club/pub called
‘Cheers’ that was usually full of Uni (college) students most nights. Hoobie
turns out to be a top block with a very solid bunch of game behind him. We talk
game and sticking points all the way to the bar. He also tells me the rules for
the night were that the wing nominated the target and then said “3… 2… 1…” at
which point the other wing had to sarge. Started to get a bit apprehensive, as
I had no solid grounding in club/bar sarging being more of a freelance.

We had just parked and were walking towards the pub/club chatting game, when he
suddenly says “3… 2… 1…” After being slightly annoyed that he was pulling out
the rule before we even got to the club, I realized it was only going to help
me and I approached the 4 set in front of me. I used the opener, which was
becoming a bit of a crutch for me:

AussieWolf: Excuse me girls, do you know where we can find Cheers?

They were nice enough and gave us directions, and I immediately selected my
target among them and started busting on her for giving us funny directions.

AussieWolf: What do you mean through a dark alley? You’re planning on mugging
us aren’t you!

She liked this and I kept chatting to her until we arrived at Cheers, which
they were walking past, not too. Hoobie had left his phone in the car so we had
to walk all the way back. This turned out to be useful however because Hoobie
was able to give me some pointers on certain aspects of my sarge. The one thing
he gave me credit for was my good tonality. Score! We finally get inside and
immediately I am a bit intimidated by the atmosphere as I realize I have just
lost my good tonality bonus. Music was loud as fuck!

As we were getting our drinks and finding a place to sit, Hoobie said
“Anytime!” as he saw an HB walk past him. That’s when I realized I was meant to
be 321ing him as well. I sent him off into a set as I sipped my drink and had a
cigarette. I looked around and saw many targets, but still was not used to just
random sarging. I needed context and something to work with. Otherwise it
didn’t seem natural. Hoobie returned from his set and moments later, two more
wings turned up. I was introduced to both and we chatted for a bit before
someone said, “all right go, 321” pointing towards a 2 set consisting of an 8
and a 7.5. I approached with Blonde Hair Opener, which is one I am at least
familiar with. The response was not favorable. They were very unreceptive and
then started to fuck with me by saying yes… then no… then yes… then no… I could
have worked with this, but they weren’t really playing the game with me, rather
with each other.

I ejected and in order to remain congruent as to really wanting an opinion on
the color of my hair (lol), I approached the very next set (another 2 set) on
the path between my wings and me. This one worked slightly better; however my
target HB9 completely didn’t respond and let her friend UG5 do all the talking.
I wanted to shoot myself but did my best to act polite and thanked her for
being honest and offering her opinion (haha).

SIDE NOTE: Realized that opening with “Excuse me girls” is not the best way to
go about it. Either call them guys or nothing at all, cause saying “girls” is
too much like, you’re a girl, I’m a guy… get it? That’s just how it was
explained to me… someone else could probably explain it better.

Returned to the group and sent Hoobie and then another wing off into sets,
while I chatted with the 3rd, who wasn’t sarging that night. Upon their return,
I started talking to Hoobie about how the blonde hair opener wasn’t really
working well for me. Hoobie with a bit of showing off, pulled a passing HB into
the group by using the blonde hair opener but by using it referring to me…
saying “My friend here is thinking of dying his hair etc”. I found that things
went a lot smoother with her and was able to have a lot more conversation with
her. After she left Hoobie 321’s me pointing to the set sitting directly behind
me. I say ok and spin on my chair launching straight into game. Thanks a lot
Hoobie, set of UGs lol. Anyway despite that I’m starting to feel more warmed up
and I go to get another drink.

In the line I chatted to a loner and a 2 set… can’t remember how I got them
started except that one of the two set had pushed in front of me. I chatted to
the other one who was apologizing and a 9. I had convinced her to buy me a free
drink cause she had free drink vouchers as she was friends with the DJ, but her
cockblock friend dragged her away.

Walking back I realized that my group was no longer there. Fighting not to lose
my state I start to wander around and eventually just open an HB walking past
with “Excuse me, have you seen my short asian friend.” Despite wanting to find
the group, I still wanted to be C&F, so I help my hand up about waist height,
“He’s a bout this tall”. Surprisingly she pointed over her shoulder to where
there was a remarkably short asian guy standing. I thanked her and walked past
the short asian guy to where I had spotted my group directly behind him. After
saying hey guys, I immediately jumped at a lone HB, around an 8, leaving the
bar with her drink with my new short asian opener. This time I got a MUCH
better response as I played the C&F angle even harder, saying “oh yeah, real
short… basketball player short”. I was able to go into some light Kino with my
hand lightly on her side, as I would lean to her ear to say something.
Conversation flowed well but didn’t change topic enough, realized I needed to
learn phase shifting.

Ejected under the pretext of finding my short asian friend and went upstairs to
find Hoobie. The upstairs area had a dance floor… really not my game at all as
Veroxii would be able to tell you. Nonetheless Hoobie 321’s me pointing to a 2
set on the very side of the dance floor. He had told me his Australian Idol
opener before and so I used it but fucked it up big time. Still I got into the
set as the girl started saying how she was the winner of Australian Idol. Now
this frame she introduced was both good and bad at the same time. It gave me
lots of opportunity to bust however I had no way of leaving the frame once it
got old.

Needless to say I ejected after about 15 minutes and went back to Hoobie to
find that our wings had left already. So after one more set on the ground floor
with the short asian opener we walked out of Cheers. On the way out Hoobie
decides to open a 4 set which seemed to work for a while. Having no experience
at direct winging I had no idea how to get into the set myself and was pretty
isolated from it. When Hoobie called them powerpuff girls, an opener he admits
he never tried before, he got frozen out. After that we called it a night,
discussed the events of the night and went home.

SIDE NOTE: As a result of writing in the journal about what happened that
night, I was able to accurately summarize that phase shifting was a major sp
for me and I would definitely have to work on it if I wanted to improve.
Without writing in the journal and looking over the way things worked out I may
not have been able to figure that out. So anyone who’s not might want to start
writing in one.

Hoobie and I had both discussed it and both agreed that I should view Melbourne
as my playground, as I could act like a fuckin lunatic for the next 6 days and
no one would remember me from a bar of soap. So I decided that I should street
sarge during the day and club sarge at night.


Woke up at like 6pm… great there goes my street sarging. Don’t know how that
happened, that’s like 15 hours sleep. Sirducer called me and we agreed to meet
at 10:30 to go to a club called Lotus.

I get up, have breakfast in the common room and watch the simpsons with
everyone else who’s eating dinner… lol.

Play table tennis with some other guys until ten, then have a shower and get
changed and go downstairs to meet with Sirducer. I meet him and his wing Maxy
and we head off to the club. We all get on well, although I did feel a bit
short… Sirducer is like 400 feet tall :)

We wait in line for like 45 minutes in line and I run out of water like half an
hour into that wait, so I get extremely thirsty. We get inside and it’s got
that whole Spanish salsa samba thing about it. Very intimidating, for a guy
currently lacking good rhythm.

As soon as I get in I suddenly lose both wings. This is slightly distressing so
I walk around for a while trying to find them. I give up momentarily to get a
drink and while I’m waiting I challenge a HB to Rock Paper Scissors to see who
gets served next. She laughs and won also… last time I’m picking paper. I keep
searching and eventually find them, but they are both in separate sets and I
wouldn’t want to cockblock. So I just wandered around and didn’t approach, had
numerous cigarettes and played with my phone. Yup, bad state is a killer.

I finally regrouped with Sirducer and I let him know how shit I was doing.
While we were talking HBminiskirt walks past and gives Sirducer the biggest

SIDENOTE: See Sirducer’s FR+ for the full story :),24

I comment how receptive she was to him, and he tells me how she had already
opened her and was thinking of re opening. We were going to both go into the
set but some more people moved in so Sirducer went in and waited for an
opening. 5 minutes later I just walk over and sit in with “Hi I’m AussieWolf”.
Sirducer’s pretty happy we’ve come to take care of some of the obstacles,
although according to him they all wanted him, lol, must be cause he’s 400 feet

I engage HBrussian, while Maxy takes HBjewish and Sirducer sarges HBminiskirt
who is already eating out of the palm of his hand. We however weren’t able to
keep the 4th HB occupied, besides she was just weird… and we suspect was

Now with HBrussian I played my absolute conversation angle. According to
Sirducer I was a talking machine, I just did not stop gaming her. This involved
me going through various stages of attraction and rapport with mass
conversation. Now I’d notice that I was very inconsistent, that she would have
good BL one instant, but then fucked up the next. I’m pretty sure that’s
because I was messing with her stages too much without the ability to move to
the next one. As I said, I’m more of a freelance who takes general concepts and
uses them in life instead of structuring it properly.

She mentioned her BF who was out of town at the time, but I could think of
nothing to say about that. By this time Sirducer has already isolated his
target to the smaller R&B room upstairs. At one point we did get up to dance
(Me, Maxy and our 2 targets and the 7th wheel)… yet our dancing completely
lacked Kino, so we’ll put that down as a failure. Regrettably I only turned on
the Kino towards the end when we were talking off of the dance floor… albeit
very light Kino, but it was still something.

We left there soon after, with Sirducer invited to a booze cruise the very next
night. We went to burger king and talked game for a long time. Then by 4am I
was in bed writing up my notes for the night. I realized that I didn’t have any
problems with approaching, well not BIG ones, I just needed a wing to give me
that push. Sirducer’s plan for the night was a lot less structured… more like a
free for all.


Now at this point my sleeping pattern is all fucked up. I wake up around 6pm
and then its time for breakfast and Simpsons before going out. I am majorly
psyched out for tonight, because this Booze Cruise is a party, and I am SWEET
with parties. I dress myself up in my nice comfortable sneakers, pants, t-shirt
and unbuttoned shirt.

Meet up with Sirducer down near the wharf, he’s still tall. We cruise on down
to the wharf and find that the place is packed with a whole fuck load of
twenty-somethings who we would find out later are all in the same class or
something. We scope out the place to find HBminiskirt, and we spot her… minus
the miniskirt :( She’s not as friendly as last night to Sirducer, so I’m
thinking she just needs a few drinks or whatever. We just chat away for a bit,
I start pulling out some jokes to get myself warmed up and everything goes ok.
There were no tickets left to present to security to get onto the boat, but the
girl who was organizing it said she would just tell them to let us through. So
with our nice VIP entrance, the start of our social proof ensued.

The first thing we noticed was that Sirducer was too tall for the inside of the
boat. He would have to either duck or hold his head absolutely horizontal. My
hair would touch the roof… that’s it. So we sat down on the side (the seat
lined the sides of the boat). We chill for a bit, but it’s fuckin hot and we
wanted a drink. But the line was fuckin huge already. I spot 2 HBs standing in
front of us waiting in the line. So I kick one of them in the leg (hehe lightly
of course). Then I’m like “Hi (big smile) how are you? Good, good… listen would
you guys possibly be able to bring us back some drinks? C’mon, we’re too tall
to stand up. Thanks, 2 VB’s (Aussie beer)”. Sirducer is like “right on dude”
and everything only gets better from here.

Sirducer starts chatting to HBminiskirt and I start talking to HBsister sitting
next to me. I call her HBsister because she had a twin sister floating around
whom I would confuse her for later on. Conversation is all right and she has a
beautiful smile, but her BF giving her eyes from across the room restricts her
from completely getting into it. During this, the 2 drink girls come back
(HBtall and HBshort) with our beers. Our social proof goes up another notch,
because here we are talking to 2 HBs, while another 2 bring us beers, and then
stick around to talk to us. Give cheers to Sirducer and the boat finally starts
to move (it had been waiting for the Pizza’s to be delivered). We disperse for
a bit, with me wanting to go outside for a cig, and also thinking I should give
Sirducer some time to resarge HBminiskirt. It is VERY crowded outside, as an
area would only normally fit half a dozen chairs, was now accommodating 30+
people. I found a very interesting area to lean against on the stairway and
proceeded to chat with the security guard who was also smoking once I realized
that I only had 4 cigs to last me the whole trip.

There is something about the positive atmosphere of this party, but everyone
wanted to know who I was and where I was from. I would get HBs, Bs and the
occasional UG, introducing themselves to me and having chats with me while I
was smoking and drinking. Then while chatting to one HB, throughout the whole
night, HBtall or HBshort would be coming up to me, and asking if I was ok for a
drink. When someone came up and with their puny voices tried to call across to
their friends on the other side of the crowd, I would shout out their name for
them and get their attention. Later they would say how they ‘forgot how they
knew me but knew it was from somewhere’ lol.

I was sorted for drinks the whole night and never really had to leave the
outside area, which was a lot friendlier in my opinion. At one point I was
talking to HBgorgeous, and was actually getting a very positive response from
her (this is one of the girls who I yelled out to). I had great eye contact,
Kino and BL going, and could have gone for the kiss at any time. Except for the
Million fuckin cockblocks around me going “Hey HBgorgeous wont your BF inside
be getting jealous?” I then realized that isolation was going to be extremely
difficult on this boat. Sirducer even comes by while I’m chatting to her saying
“Hey this is the best guy in the world, and I wanna see him smiling when I come
back” or something… whatta champ :) I had some intense EC going with

HBgorgeous: I should probably go down and see my boyfriend.
AussieWolf: Yeah… probably should. (Heavy EC, slow deep tonality)
HBgorgeous: (DDB)

Cockblocks would again ruin it and almost dragged her away, so I decided to
move on. Ran into HBsister, who turned out to be HBothersister, and that was a
bit of fun, but nothing major. Sirducer came up to me asking if I had seen
HBbluedress and I told him she was at the front of the boat.

The real fun turned on when I saw HBtall again. I was coming from the bathroom
and turned to go up the stairs when she was standing right in front of me,
saying, “I know you”. She gave me the universally recognized look for “I want
to kiss you” and I just leaned in and kissed her. We tongued-down for the next
hour. Now the funny thing about this girl, apart from the fact that she was
drunk as a skunk, was that she was a ‘slapper’. Every time you teased her about
anything, she would drop her jaw in shock, and then slap you full across the
face. While endearing at first, it soon lost its charm and I would resort to
holding her arms together with one hand while giving her a hickey and slapping
her ass with the other :)

I found out later from her that she had already kissed Sirducer… damn... he’s

When the cruise came to an end, I could have taken HBtall back to my motel and
fucked her. She had grabbed my dick, I had grabbed her pussy… but she was so
bloody drunk it wasn’t funny. She had no spine left, and was walking around
like a crash test dummy. Couldn’t have done it with a clean conscious and she
would have been a dead fuck. Hell we both could have fucked her as towards the
end she was slapping us both at the same time.

So I number closed her, but couldn’t see HBgorgeous anywhere. Oh well. We left
the boat saying goodbye to everyone. I literally handed HBtall to her friends
and we walked off. We debriefed all the way to the station, laughing about
HBtall and how we had both number closed her. The mad ass social proof we had
from the get go. How frigid HBminiskirt had gone. How all in all it was a very
fun night. Said goodbye to Sirducer and I walked back, grabbed some takeaway
beers and chilled out in the TV room for a while recounting the night to a few
of the guys there.


Planned to meet up with Hoobie, but I was a bit hung over from the night before
and wanted a rest before Saturday.


Woke up late as usual, and was already to go out for the night when disaster
struck. Walking past this dodgy ass ping-pong table, my pants go caught on a
nail and ripped open. My one pair of pants ruined. They wont let me into a club
like that. Gave Sirducer a call and let him know, he said try and fix it; he’ll
be there in like an hour. I tried to sort it out, even went as far as to
walking out into the cold ass city in my shorts trying to find the elusive
repair place. Once I found it, discovered it closed 5 hours earlier.

So basically I was not going to go out that night. Fucked up my state and I met
up with Sirducer and his wing and told them the shitty news. I thanked him for
sarging with me and said I’ll come back to Melbourne soon… fuck that; he’s
coming to Sydney! Hehe.

Went back upstairs and moped around for a while, when I realized something.
This was my last night in Melbourne and I still hadn’t tried to look up
HBamazing. Went up to her level to find her and a bunch of other HBs/guys all
in the TV room. I knew a couple of the guys as they were the maintenance guys
and had fixed my door up for me. While talking to them I pointed at HBamazing
and gave her a funny look. She asked what was that for? I told her wasn’t she
going to play pool with me? This is when she recognized me and was all like OMG
I'm sorry blah blah how are you.

So went downstairs, grabbed my beer and my guitar and went back up. Another guy
went and got his guitar and we all went up on the roof. Another case of beer
came and we had a great time drinking, singing songs and telling stories. This
was great and was going to go until 5am when I had to go pack and go catch my
plane home. I soon found out, when HBamazing had gone downstairs with another
guy and the girls went to a bathroom, that HBamazing had recently hooked up
with him. He had gone up to her and said “Excuse me, but are those your eyes?”
Said in a completely genuine and innocent way. She fuckin loved him for it.

It’s water under the bridge but I SHOULD HAVE USED THAT LINE…. FUCK… hehe I’m
over it.

We even had a drunken blow-in come from downstairs and completely entertain the
hell out of us. He was doing commando rolls all around the place, hitting on
the girls in the stupidest ways and trying to break dance. One of the other
girls, HBhoney kept on wanting to go out clubbing, and who I kept on convincing
to stay. She was an easy 8.5 and was very easy with hugs and Kino although she
made sure to mention several times the fact she had a BF. She went crazy when I
played ‘Stairway to Heaven’ for her. She then went clubbing for about an hour
with her friends. We kept playing song and trading stories.

They came back and claimed they were going to bed. Got a hug and cheek kiss
from HBhoney. About half an hour later, one came back up with like a cheese
sandwich or something. I went nuts cause I was so bloody hungry and asked her
where she got it. She said HBhoney made it for her and gave me her room number.
The door was open and I knocked on it

HBhoney (out of view): Hold on I’m not dressed
AussieWolf: Hey no problem
HBhoney: Oh… it doesn’t matter, come in.

She was sitting on her bed wearing panties and a t-shirt and chewing her lip
with a look in her eyes that I realized like 10 seconds later was DDB. However
I fucked it by breaking eye contact walking in and going “nice room”.

I know now I should have just closed the door and took off my shirt. I know now
I could have completely pulled it off. With those damn movie moments like when
she goes “WTF are you doing”, I’m like “Shhhh… no more talking”… all staying in
the sexual state.

Back to reality, she puts on some pants and we talk about traveling and shit,
she shows me a photo collection of where she’s traveled while I eat her
sandwiches. Then her roommate comes back and I head back out to the others.
However my time was running out, so I get downstairs and get all packed up. Go
say goodbye to my new friends, then also say goodbye to the HBs who just
finished like brushing their teeth or something. Soon as HBhoney's friend went
to her room, HBhoney ran at me going “byyyeee”, and she jumps on me wrapping
her legs around my waist and hugging me. Again I should have just walked around
the corner and kissed her properly or something. Or done some crazy “This is
just one moment in our lives, where we have no ties to anything at all. We are
two young people just living for the moment and are sharing a moment that we
may very well never have again. We should make the most of it.” Or something…

Anyway, peck on the lips, #close and its onwards to home.

It wasn’t the most organized of summits, nor did I have crazy amazing success.
But I did learn a few things like the importance of practice and learning from

Blah blah blah :)

What did ya think?

- AussieWolf

The Wolf is on the prowl...

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