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PU Summit ‘04 - final plans

mASF post by formhandle

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PU Summit ‘04 - final plans
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mASF post by "formhandle"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, January 1, 2004

Guys, to quell all the confusion, I've talked to Harmless and Herbal, Harmless
has talked to Herbal, and Herbal has talked to Papa, and have thought it over,
and here is basically what happened, and what will happen, and what to

A while back Herbal suggested putting together a Summit (like Boston) in 2004.
He suggested Austin, TX and I thought it was a good idea since I've heard a lot
of great stuff about the Austin scene, and helped him get the web presence for
it up, plus offers to help along the way with anything as far as
organizing/promoting. At some point Papa wanted to get involved (in
organizing) and Herbal asked if it was OK and I said I didn't have a problem
with it so long as it didn't go full-on commercial or have a slant that favored
a sole business - the sprit of such Summits is a large-scale gathering for the
community, not to be exploited for commercial purposes. Also, if any aspect
would be commercial or need funding of some sort from attendees, that the
proceeds would spread out fairly, and anything commercially centric would be
designated as such.

So that seemed to be going along as planned. At one point there was talk of
some kind of mainstream exposure, but that was pulled back on -- the point was
reiterated among the planners that this is a community gathering, not a
promotion vehicle. Everyone agreed, and it was back on the right track.

Recently, Herbal set in motion to move to LA, to live with the guys in the
Project Hollywood thing. For people who don't know what that is, DAFS or check
some recent Cliff's list mails. He also was in Boston recently and we hung out
for a day. A few days later, I found out through mASF that the Summit location
was shifted from Austin to LA. I wasn't aware of the change, which was decided
between Papa and Herbal around Christmas time. I honestly don't know the
timing of when this information got out, but it clearly got out to this forum
before even I knew about it. And, being the holidays, I simply did not have
the time to keep up communications with anyone outside Boston. I finally had
time last night and today.

So, here is the decision, basically agreed upon by everyone with direct
involvement/planning. I'd thought to maybe stick to the original Austin plan
then do LA later in the year, but figure it's OK to switch to LA since it's
still a while away and don't believe anyone locked in their travel plans that
far ahead. If anyone has, I'm sorry, this wasn't a change anticipated on my
end and you may want to communicate your concerns directly to Herbal and Papa.
Austin can (and will) be done later in the year and Harmless & the guys in that
area will do their best to organize another official event. We can call it
Summit'04 Part 2. But it will be much later in the year to allow for people to
organize their travel plans, if needed, and also have it make more sense for
people to be able to attend 2 Summits this year.

Personally, I am considering heading out to LA prior to Part 1, and heading out
to Austin prior to Part 2. I already know & have met all the guys in the LA
guys, just have not PU'd there in quite a while, and also I've not met any of
the Austin guys so would be good for me to hang with them before any big event.

As far as the expectations for a Summit in LA, the _intention_ as far as I have
been made aware is that it's not to be a commercial event, although I've been
told free/short seminars of some sort will be offered, and guest speakers of
some sort, like 2 hours from one figure, 2 hours from another, etc. I haven't
made a final decision yet, but I might yak about some aspect of PU for a couple
hours. I made it clear to Herbal that no names will be dropped unless those
people have explicitly stated they will be offering such a presence during the

Overall, I think by my explaining this straight to people, describing what
happened & why, and what the intended expectations are, we can keep this thing
totally positive & whole and achieve the primary goal - setting up an event
where a large number of guys in this community can gather and meet, talk shop,
wing with each other whenever opportunities arise, learn from each other, and
otherwise unify the community even further. That, at least, is the main intent
for everyone involved.

Herbal is updating the pages and will send them to me soon.

jay [[email protected]]

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