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mASF post by formhandle

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mASF post by "formhandle"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, December 12, 2003

Thundercat wrote:

>First off, if it is going to
>be in the Project Hollywood

You forgot something:

Project Hollywood Mansion(TM)


Anyway, I think people should chill on the "location change" concerns for a few
days as I'm still in the mode of figuring out why anyone even considered a
relocation in the first place. Just have not picked up my phone the past
couple days as everyone seems to be calling me and this is not exactly the time
of year I like to be tied up on the phone. Seriously, I'm only typing this now
because I'm wasting time at my place for another half hour or so until I go
OUTSIDE again.

My personal opinion at the moment is to have 2 Summits - the first one as
planned/scheduled in Austin and another one later in the year (maybe summer or
late summer) in LA.

As far as gatherings, in general, as TD said any of you guys can do
mini-gatherings for people in your general region. They will cost most guys
nothing except some gas & maybe parking. No, they won't be mega-gatherings
like the Summits, and there won't be a ton of SuperPUAs(TM), but if the point
is to meet other guys who are learning PU then don't hold off on
mini-gatherings. HOWEVER, my own personal suggestion is to not go overboard as
gatherings of any size also tend to be cockfarms and effective PU not as
reasonable, even for the better guys, unless you let us go off on our own.
Then what's the point?

>you guys are going to
>be RIGHT OFF the Sunset Strip,
>so right after these seminars,
>you guys are gonna get to walk
>one whole block to practice on
>some of the hottest women LA
>has to offer.

You mean all the teenage runaways? LOL, j/k. Well, not really...

Sunset Strip... last time I was there I was on a business trip, rented a
Mustang and hung out with some guy via PAIR. What was interesting was that the
chicks driving up/down the strip in their 3-4sets seemed to be more active in
checking guys out and making hooting sounds. I think I got hooted at in the
Mustang a couple times. But taking it off the road was no different than any
other populated pedestrian area at night. Just all interesting motion seemed
to die down around 12:30 - 1 AM.

>Second, some of the best PUAs
>in the community LIVE in LA,
>and normally wouldn't shell
>out the cash to go across the
>country to give free seminars.

Are you suggesting Ross, David DeAngelo, Rick H, Mystery, Craig, et al, are
planning to give free seminars just because they live nearby? Um, perhaps they
should speak for themselves. If you mean to say TD & Papa plan to give a free
seminar, then you should probably say it outright or let them say it and
describe what they want to offer. In any case, that still is not the spirit of
such an event - a lot of guys just want to HANG OUT with other guys who are
good or even not good yet but still learning.

I know about some unspoken "WHY" factors of the move, but they're not worth
talking about at the moment... just fleeting shit which might not even be
related. In any case, like I said, I think people can chill for a few days and
just pretend a potential change wasn't even mentioned. That's what I'm doing
until I get a chance at the end of this week to coordinate some

jay [[email protected]]

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