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mASF post by ITStallion

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mASF post by "ITStallion"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, December 12, 2003

No, for the record I have NOT bought a ticket. I hope no one has, or that he
can get a transfer/refund. My point was that a decision needs to be made and
stuck with, so that those of us buying long-distance tickets don't get screwed
out of an expensive airfare due to last-minute changes. You're right, we still
have plenty of time. In my personal case, I probably won't be able to book
until a week or two beforehand due to work issues. That is when the sale is
pretty much locked in, especially since I'll be booking a discount fare, which,
even two weeks out, from Europe, can cost $1000.

I want to say that I was not and still am not fully aware of the dynamics and
politics of this summit. I don't need to know. Yet it's nice to know that
certain PUA factions aren't dominating the scene just because it's held in
their house. I want to see a variety of PUAs and styles and know that they are
really being demonstrated on neutral territory.

Herbal says he was running the show on his own, and actually that's how it
sounds. It doesn't sound like there is a whole lot of planning for it, either.
Maybe there doesn't have to be---a place to crash, a place to hold seminar, and
places to sarge. What more do you need? This does make it easy to change

I'm just concerned with the sudden change, and the new host (PH). Raises some
serious questions. I believe you Herbal, that you are not into it financially.
But those other guys?? All I'm saying is, watch that YOU are not getting played
by others...

What people are saying about the neutrality of the situation is correct. The
neutrality is now gone that it is held at PH. It is no longer an even

I have no doubt that it will be an amazing Summit in either place. And I think
that LA might be better/funner. I have been to both Austin and LA. I love the
girls in both. Just the frame of this whole thing being moved to PH and with
Papa gunning for it...raises questions, ya know? I hope you can understand
where I'm coming from.

Here's my prediction: There will be a "summit" held in LA, whether it's called
that or not, whether or not Formhandle makes it "official" or not...and also
that in the future, there will be yearly (or twice -yearly or whatever) events
held there (PH) for free, apart from whatever ASF Summits happen. This isn't a
bad thing. Happening so quickly and suddenly, however, especially with an ASF
event being changed like this, causes division in the community. No matter
what, so long as I can make it, politics be damned, I will.

I'll see you guys there. I'll be the one saying "ciao" to everyone.

Herbal, I appreciate your wanting to email me. If you need to get in contact,
my email is ita***a@ya***.com[ ? ]


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