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Questions for the natural gamers

mASF post by Raaf

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Questions for the natural gamers
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mASF post by "Raaf"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, July 7, 2005

I have been trying to enact a genuine, direct approach as of late using
juggler's ebook and woodhaven's posts on natural game» as my guide. It is
working great for me so far, as I can instantly get attraction with lots of

I have a few questions, however.

1) How exactly do you qualify a girl using natural game»? I have used swinggcat
style qualifying with a c&p tonality, but that wouldn't be congruent with
natural game». So what is your tonality when qualifying, and what kind of
questions do you ask.

2) How much is too much when SOI'ing a girl and showing that you are interested
in her before you come across as overeager? Let me illustrate with an example.
As I was dropping off an HB9 the other night, I said to her "I had a really
great time" then I went in for the kiss. We made out for maybe like 10 minutes
then I pulled back and said "I'm wondering if i should go upstairs" (yeah i
know that line sucks), to which she replied "no, you shouldn't." I agreed with
her, saying it was too quick. I'm not totally sure that she bought it though.
She said "does that upset you?" And I continued to try to reassure her that it
didn't. I said that I had fun connecting with her. Then I said that what I
liked about her was her level of maturity compared to the other girls I have

I'm not sure that she bought any of those statements because she might just
think that I am trying to sweet talk her into bed. I just have a feeling that
she saw through it as bullshit to sleep with her. So what would have been a
better way to handle that?

I am concerned that she saw through it and devalued me for appreciating her for

3) The next question I have has to do with general phone rules for natural
game. If you make out with a girl, how many days do you wait before calling
her back?

This is part of the congruency of natural game» that I don't understand. There
is a fine line between being direct and unneedy, and being direct and

Calling the next day seems desperate. But waiting a few days to call her seems
to go against your intention. Comments?

4) How do you handle a situation where you are gaming a girl in a club, you
get her number and kiss close, and then remain in the club to game other girls?

If she sees you gaming other girls, it makes your intention with her look
ingenuine. What solutions are there other than attempting to push the
interaction with that one girl to the boundaries of logistics or venue

5) How do you handle the situation of telling a girl that you don't want to
date her exclusively? This is another congruency issue because you are going
out of your way to demonstrate that you like her (by being direct) and that she
is special, yet you don't want to date her. How do you handle this and still
remain congruent?

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