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Re: Do not buy Swinggcats Products

mASF post by docandwriter

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Re: Do not buy Swinggcats Products
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mASF post by "docandwriter"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, July 7, 2005

Justin24 wrote:

> I hope Formhandle keeps this here to gain more exposure, but whatever.
> I love Swinggcat's materials. The problem is I vaguely remember them. His
> customer service is nonexistant. I reformatted my computer about a month ago
> and still havent received a re-download after numerous emails to him. There
> others on here that recently bought it for the first time, and haven't even
> received a link. That's pathetic.
> I know there's people on here that know him in person. Tell him to get his
> together.

I don't know Swingcat personally, but I love his book. It's one of the
BEST books out there in my opinion.

Your post makes you sound like a victim. A loser. Like you want mommy.
Get grip (no personal offense to you, it just reads like that).


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