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Swinggcat vs Mystery vs David Deangelo


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Swinggcat vs Mystery vs David Deangelo
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posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, July 7, 2005

On 7/4/05 7:47:00 AM, TheShangriLa wrote:
>>1. Swinggcats PUsh pull vs
>>David Deangelo's c and f vs
>>Mystery's negs.
>They are all completely
>- Push-pull is about saying "I
>like you, I don't like you, I
>like you, I don't like you..."
>until she doesn't know where
>she stands.

yup always used after some attraction is gained!

Wussies project "I
>like you, I like you, I like
>you", giving her all the power
>and its basically not
>attractive to her because she
>knows she can do anything she
>wants with you. By
>push-pulling, she doesn't know
>what way you feel about her so
>she'll have to work harder to
>find out etc.


>- cocky and funny is about
>status... I'm a great guy, I'm
>so calm and relaxed I can make
>jokes and take the piss and
>you love me because I'm the

lol, yeah. but then I dont believe this should be run IMMEDIATELY you meet up
with a chick. I was reading Davids mailbag and he says you should focus on
getting no's first before you run c and f. This is really a personality , man.
I mean would take @ least an year do develop this. I went out to a strip bar
last night.straight away 2 negs. stripper likes it. I thought lets try some c
and f. no fucking way. I never knew what to joke about her being a stripper.
she was a 10! now, this is investment towards the future. so i immediately put
swinggcats cold reading, and get her to change one of the rings on her finger.
she tells me how some psychic told her she was an egyptian man in the last life
and i thought i could have great rapport but she was next on stripping. Fuck
man, I cant believe I went talking this far with this stripper. my afc friend
was like wtf. she also gave me a free cigarratte. don't think i could get a
smoke off a stripper pre oh yeah , so question is, how wuld you
have been c and f here?

It's a high status
>trait, as well as a way to
>- negs are to break down bitchd
>shields. They are about
>leveling the playing field and
>getting a chick seeking your
>Everyone of them is the same
>in that they are like spanking
>a chick on the ass for doing
>something wrong.
See unless I had not posted this how would i have known. but also thedating
wizards reply to OM's difference between c and f and negs is also good.

>BUT if you were trying to
>disarm a bitch-shield by using
>push-pull, well, it doesn't
>make any sense. Push-pull
>happens a lot later in the
>sarge, so they are in fact all
>very different in their
>purpose, effect and location
>in the sarge.

>Negs first, then cocky and
>funny and then push-pull.
I really feel c and f should be used later on, but i cant say.

>Anyway, does it matter?
>Clearly you don't understand
>these methods correctly, so
>you can't be using them in the
>real world making this post
>just a lot of keyboard
>jockeying unimportance. Go
>sarging and it will all become
>The Shangri La

if you say so. btw I sarge ALL THE TIME.

best regards...

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