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Swinggcat vs Mystery vs David Deangelo


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Swinggcat vs Mystery vs David Deangelo
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posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, July 7, 2005

Ok, Now this is a question to all and I just had some doubt so here we go.

1. Swinggcats PUsh pull vs David Deangelo's c and f vs Mystery's negs.

Are they not aimed @ doing the same thing i.e DHV you by busting on her?

2. Swinggcats story telling and Mystery's comfort stage?

and many more similarities can be pointed out!

well, if you think of it, apart from ROss J, I personally think most of these
methods (which are not all that different) come to the same thing! Gunwitch is
an exception as well(king of DIRECT!)


1.from your expertise, how would you distiguish the 3?

2. What method or basis of method does your game depend on?

From my experience, every method, has its strong points and this thread is not
intended to put down any one method. Its just a general breakdown of all
methods. I have a strong feeling that for certain personality types , certain
methods work! There is no UNIVERSAL method. not to be a dick but for example
Mystery says it takes (6-7) hours to run a solid game using a method. I really
dont know. I'd say works differently for and by different people!

Best REgards


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