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Re: Club Q: Dragaway Girls

mASF post by Mimicker

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Re: Club Q: Dragaway Girls
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mASF post by "Mimicker"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, July 7, 2005

On 6/29/05 11:29:15 PM, Alessandro wrote:
>If you're into kamikaze
>closing, you can probably herd
>those bitches
>around the club and take them
>all over the place grazing on
>your game

True true, should be venue changin' as much as possible.

>If your presence is SOLID, and
>I mean you're a very animated
>who has tons and tons of
>material and can hold their
>attention. You can
>send them to the dance floor
>at the crack of a whip and
>bring them back,
>take them upstairs, take them
>to the lounge, etc. If you
>dominate the
>set you can extract any one or
>two chicks easily and venue
>change within
>the establishment, or get head
>or whatever.

Hahaahaha... right on.

>In most clubs I can't project
>my voice well enough to hold
>attention, but I routinely
>drive huge sets from the
>street to anywhere I
>want. I have something like 10
>solid routines and I pepper
>them with
>improvised stuff (mostly
>making fun of them via
>cold-reads, and more

I assume you also pepper in a lot of C&F roleplays too? This is what I have
assumed from your posts at least. All the "I'm looking for a lead actress in
this play I'm writing" stuff...

>then I describe
>to them where I want them to
>go very
>vividly; If I wanna take them
>to my usual late hours lounge,
>I will
>first cold-read the toughest
>obstacle as non-adventurous
>non risk-taking
>person, and when she denies
>and says she is fun, I will
>note it and
>later tell them about this
>AWESOME CLUB with feminine
>boys in glitter
>and tough guys who dance in
>cages, I tell them about how a
>girl is
>selected everynight as a queen
>and she is crowned .. then
>tell them
>HERE? is it
>you baby? I don't think
>soooooooo. YOU? hmmmm, not
>sure. Or maybe it's
>you? who knows. There is only
>one way to find out, to kick
>off your
>shoes and GO DANCING!"

Cool, I like it... you use the fact that people like to be as seen adventurous
and risk-takers (this is especially true in groups), to make them do what you
want. Kinda like the swinggcat stuff but with your own little spin. And then
you take the lead at the end instead of waiting for them to answer again (one
of my wings just grabs and leads women to venue-change, and it works a lot -
women are pretty weak and follow naturally.)

> [snip rest of good routine]

>It's cheesy, but you can venue
>change with half a dozen
>chicks that way
>and take them wherever you

Will try it out man with my own little spin sometime (since I don't got no
crazy club). Thanks for the tips.

mim***a@ya***.com[ ? ]

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