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mASF post by Yuri

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mASF post by "Yuri"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, June 6, 2005


I agree with Quitesomebody in that I don't know what your point is. On other
issues I'm neutral between you two because honestly I don't think it really
matters. Me taking a stance is FOOD to fuel the argument. It is useless.

You say people need to stop being alpha and start being a real man. I agree,
but I also think that your definition of a real man might be slimmer than what
it deserves. However I don't know what your position is. The original point has
been lost.

It doesn't matter to me whether all your personal attacks here are alpha or
not. I personally wouldn't waste my time with it, but as you said in one of
your IM things, you enjoy the drama that comes with it. That's cool, just know
that people are going to judge you based on a stereotype... so that they can
slot you into a category and go back to sleep.

But anyway all good players will know that if you want to know what a real man
is, you have to BE a real man. One thing I disagree with you on is that you
keep asking to post pictures, and it is my opinion that it doesn't matter. A
real man is in his IDEAS. In his behaviors. I know lots of big bodybuilders who
are pussies. They won't make eye-contact with you and they are just sheep who
follow the crowd. I met a 7-year-old this past weekend that was just shy of a
blackbelt that made SOLID eye-contact with me and tried to dominate me with his
gaze. I felt like he was more alpha than a lot of these big fuckers I

So a real man is not in who he can beat up. There is always someone bigger. A
real man is also not in who he can stare down either. This is a characteristic
we can look for but it is not absolute. So, with respect, when you ask to look
at pictures I think it is stupid and solves nothing and reinforces the
stereotype. What do you hope to solve by looking at a picture? By saying that
you have a more solid gaze? By saying that you are bigger than the other guy?
Look at Swinggcat on the DYD Mastery series if you have a chance. I can't
believe that anybody would consider that guy alpha. Yes, he has his big swagger
and he leans back far, but he is BETA to the extreme. It is as clear to me as
there is a computer screen in front of me.

So-- what should we look for when we consider a REAL MAN? Real guys who are
secure in themselves know that it means being congruent with your values and
standing up for what you believe in. I think you're portraying too much
aggression here on these forums than if your aim was TO BE AGREEABLE but maybe
it is just your way of communication. Just like some Eastern martial arts guys
might be real men (NOT because they can kick your ass but because they KNOW
they can) thru their "submissive" behavior, you also can be a real man thru
over-aggression because that is your style of communication.

I think being a real man consists of doing what you think that you need to do
in your environment to the best of your ability. So if your schtick is to fuck
lots of girls and to come on here not giving a shit -- then fine -- I'm not

A "real man" is going to have PERSPECTIVE on what it is to be what he is. It is
all in the environment. I take martial arts but I am smaller than some of these
other guys and they look down on me because of that. That is what THEY find
important. But if me and these guys had a PU challenge I would dominate the
hell out of them. Does this make me ALPHA??? No..... It just means I can
dominate them in a different "alpha arena." But because of this image that they
have that they need to be huge in order to be alpha or real -- they can never
be satisfied.

In the end a real man will recognize that a lot of this is relative and that
you can't look at things from one side. Like Major Mark says, if you are a man
who is capable of being compassionate AND being aggressive/dominate, then you
are light-years ahead of someone who is a "one trick pony." I _do_ see this in
your behavior on your IM logs.

I know that I have an understanding or a perspective of this issue that not
many people at all on this board have. I'm not sure if you have the same
understanding PlayerSupreme, but then I don't know exactly what your position
is. I know for sure that even if I wasn't able to go pull girls, I would STILL
be the same person. That's why I think a lot of the stuff posted on this board
is bullshit -- it's alpha games .. people wanting to be validated and wanting
to feel they are a top dog.

You can't get to that point easily .. You have to mentally BE a real man so
that there is no other option. It is the relativity and perspective that allows
us to know that we have this understanding, because a wise man will know that
looking at anything from one side is always flawed.

In short I think you have a *similar* understanding that I have. But man it
doesn't matter how many girls a guy can fuck. It doesn't matter how big his
dick is or how great of photos he can post. YES, these things are all great for
SCREENING because you don't have time to think critically about every guy --
but you should definitely know that by demanding these kind of criteria, you
are falling asleep yourself. You aren't recognizing the people for what they
are anymore, and only for how many women they can seduce. If you don't know
what I mean by this I will be glad to elaborate. If I have ONE GIRL who is an
LTR and she is a dynamite woman.... And if I am not a big guy or able to show
proof of lots of girls-- would this make me any less of a REAL MAN?

Again ... a real man is in his IDEAS and VALUES and PERSPECTIVE. And BTW this
is no disrespect for the few points I challenge you on -- in fact I think it is
the highest form of respect. By being real with you and telling you how I think
the world really works, we cut thru the bullshit. If you want to talk about
alpha--THAT is alpha. It is being able to tell people what you think of them
honestly right to their face and not back off when they challenge you. Note to
all those listening, I'm not saying you should do this all the time, but you
should have the ability and the responsibility to do this in certain



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