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small puzzle to masf readers.who can solve it BEST


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small puzzle to masf readers.who can solve it BEST
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posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, June 6, 2005

Ok, i'm currently dealing with an hb 9. very very , up herself.

initial attraction: 50%

approach format: swinggcat, major open loops, push pulls, got her qualifying
herself( but usually does not bother,sometimes does)

date status: tomorrow. agreed deal. she gets 2 bottles of wine and i pay for

problem: she has a bf

conversation so far, about 6 hours. latest convo over the phone,

her: i have a boyfriend

me: i have a girlfriend, let us hook the two up( taken from masf reader dont
remember who).

her: lol

me: so we meeting tomorrow

her: yeah sure

me:(long fluff talk, cold reading routines etc, basically enought connection

her:you know i could never ever even think of hooking up with another guy.
Early on, i could but now, when you know you have a boyfriend and your really
into him, you never think of cheating on him. Under any circumstances.(i told
her some story about how some chicks cheat on their boyfren and she feels it
completely DISGUSTING!, HENCE, a puzzle!)

me: ( used all bf destroyer patterns, none worked). right. ( i ignore the

most predicted: a massive LMR, now, just curious as to how you would handle
this LMR.

best regards...

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