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My experience so far

mASF post by Cascade

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My experience so far
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mASF post by "Cascade"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, June 6, 2005


>that I accept if I want to
>become a better person, and
>besides I treat each
>interaction with a girl as
>each individual sarge,

Good but better is to treat each girl as an individual girl. I'm sure that's
what you mean but just checking in case it isn't.

>letting previous sets, whether
>successful or not, to affect
>my state and mood.

I don't get this, let successful sets affect your mood by all means! If you
don't, are you not shutting out positive emotions for no reason?

>I usually go up to a girl and
>use whatever opinion comes to
>mind. Who lies more and the
>variety, and lately compliment
>openers ever since reading
>Dimitri's one minute close
>post if I remember correctly.
>Then I would put out a
>challenge for her and do the
>usual push&pull and swinggcat
>qualifying to amp the
>conversation. My goal right
>now really is to be a better
>conversationalist and to push
>my comfort zone to the extreme
>with interacting with EVERY
>stranger. But you know, if
>it's not dangerous or
>anything. Lastly I would push
>for a #close.

You've got a structure to get some experience and you're trying new things,
this sounds good to me dude.

>At this point my brother
>motioned me to leave and
>basically I lost my confidence
>and ejected. I didn't even
>take her number. DAMN!!! But
>this will come with

The example you gave read like a great set dude, good stuff. You were funny
and original and got talking on a range of topics. When you get pulled away
from a set like that you can get a number by saying:

recap: I'm being dragged away
girl: ok bye
recap: You guys are friendly, we should hang out sometime
girl: yeah ok
recap: let me get your number

Or if you want to practice more sets you can force it by using a time
constraint when you open ('I can only stop a minute, I have to meet my
friends', or 'I gotta go i a sec but blah blah opinion'), then say 'I have to
go meet my friends now'. In fact start using time constraints on every set you
do if you are not already, if you stay they won't remember I promise. But,
don't leave the set if you think you can take it somewhere, and don't be afraid
to potentially lose a number by trying to push the set further in the moment.
This will give you more experience of taking sets to the next level (beyond
attraction routines).

>What I learned is that all
>this sarges and even C&B will
>thicken my skin and give me


>I can basically open any girl
>I see now. But my weakest
>point now is handling the
>close. It's a huge mental
>block for me right now.

It's not a mental block. Use time constraints and the close I said above.

>I also
>need to be able to talk more,
>without routines and stuff I'm
>a pretty quiet introverted

You're not an introverted guy, you're an extrovert who just happens to be quiet
sometimes. You're a PUA waiting to happen, not an introvert overcoming his
demons or whatever. Subtle difference in mindset but useful.

>I also need to push it
>all the way and make the 'ho
>say no', I eject too fast.

Yes, stay in there. It's hard to convert those silences to engaging
conversation as I have been finding having dropped routines, but we'll get
there. But don't sweat on this for now, just keep doing what you're doing.
After a few months you should have got a good 300 or so approaches or so under
your belt, after that start bringing in improv and uncanned openers. But for
now you seem to be doing great, do what you're doing, and let us know how you
get on.

cas***2@ya***[ ? ]

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