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OMG! Girl knew about mASF!(very funny)


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OMG! Girl knew about mASF!(very funny)
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posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, June 6, 2005

now! this is a very , very thing that happened. I could not believe what
happened. I go sarging, and i meet this SHB10 at a bus stop. Now she is smoking
hot! lovely breasts(look fake but they are real), lovely voice. A girl any
normal male would love to sleep with , at least once in a lifetime. So i
approach her, by using ijjjji's opener 'nice hair , is it real'. She smiles
back. I think i'm in. She is like NO. It's fake (wtf). Anyway, i thought i
would use at least 3 negs on her as she seems to be all up about herself. So
she is crossing her arms and i decide to use swinggcat's cold reading ' you
know you are an observer' . she replies ' actually i'm an actor'. I'm like,
wtf.So i cold read her with exact Swinggcat method ' so you know you seem to be
acting all tough and stuff but you are actually , she finishes 'very sensitive
deep down'(wtf) Anyway, I start kinoing her and she kinos me back as if i am a
girl and she is a guy. I think , dude, i am SO in. Later on she totally ignores
me! (wtf) and all i am thinking in my head is that i do not want that god damn
bus to come. Then this AMOG comes from no where and tries to take control. Easy
as hell i become friends with him right away, tell him, dude, these shoes are
so popular, our gardener has them and he goes all quiet. SHB10 Laughs. Anyway,
I fluff talk with her and use the neg, 'nice nails, are they real'. Here comes
the interesting part:

her: see now, you have one more neg to go according to Mystery?

me: wtf are you talking about( totally shocked)

her: come on. You are an mASF member. You are trying to use this stuff on me,
right. If I wanted, I could have re framed you so bad that you would be in love
with me for 20 coming years.

me: laughs. (touch her on her arm, underneath shoulder)

her: stop kinoing me. (I'm all shocked. wtf)

me: I was just...err..( i stutter)

her: you know, mASF is so hilarious. Who is your guru, Mystery, Swinggcat,

me: (silent)

her: Swinggcat I guess

me: actually i don't know what you talking about

her: come on. (gives me a slight push)

me: ok. fine. a bit of all

her: (laughs)

me: how did you know i was running this on you

her: come on. You were using negs, such obvious ones and swinggcat's cold
reading. what do you think I am , an idiot

me: ok. fine. i'm busted , but out of curiosity, how many people have
approached you using this stuff.

her: none. you are the first one. and i find it so amusing

me: ok! ( now from here I can see a bus coming, so i tell her bye)

her: hey, before you go, don't you want my no.

me: ok, fine

her: got you again. Do you think I'll give you my no.

me: come on. This is disrespect. I'm off anyway.

her: see, honey. I was just kidding. I know you want my no. Actually I would
like to talk to you about mASF, sometime

me:err ok.

By this time the bus comes and leaves. I'm relaxed. wondering next time i
approach a chick, should i ask , err, do you know masf.

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