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My apology to Ancestor...

mASF post by gamingirl

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My apology to Ancestor...
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mASF post by "gamingirl"
posted on: mASF forum: Playettes Discussion, June 6, 2005

Hi Ancestor,

I didn't feel like replying to the already very long chat back and forth
posted on "OT: To the guys compelled to post on Playettes" that got way out of
hand. So I'm going to start a fresh page here.

I wanted to explain a few things to hopefully clarify the matter up a bit.
First of all personally I'm not a lesbian as far as I know. I mean I could be
completely wrong, but when I fantasize sexual interactions, I still
automatically think of a man instead of a women. Yes that could be social
conditioning and you can say that I'm just in the closet yet. If that's the
case, then I would really like to know how to com out of it and embrace myself

Secondly, I don't take offence in people calling me a dyke or a lesbian or
whatever other names they can come up with. Though it's pretty rare unless I
tell them I'm bi-curious. I will say I'm quite a bit of a tom-boy at times.
However I do find I am more into guys who are bi than guys who's really
straight. That might have something to do with the fact that I studied in fine
art and acting. So I do find it easier to relate to guys who are more in touch
with their feelings and have a clue when I talk about arts.

I really did come to this place to learn more about how humans behave and
their intentions as well as how to be a social seducer. (I'm in the middle of
reading "the art of seduction") I needed it for my work, as well as having a
bit of fun of cos. So to see you getting so pissed at me, on one hand it's a
little harsh to take at first. I have to say even that helped me a lot to
understand how humans behave. Maybe next time I'll try to be more sensitive.
Personally I had a lot of fun corresponding with you on the forum. It' my
hindsight to let it get out of hand. However I did find it very intellectually
stimulating. So for that I sincerely thank you.

From the posts I am seeing the tip of the iceberg of how women and men react
differently at a fundamentally level. My mistake in fuming the angry in you,
which I didn't realize at the time was essentially my own ego. The game is very
addictive to me. anyway, for me it is very exciting to see a guy who match up
in my style. Of cos I was wrong in my judgement of this. Though for that brief
time it was sexually charged and exciting, and it does make me wish a guy can
do this in real life. Some times I'm too much like a kid, I get so caught up in
playing and not caring about the outcome, that I don't realize the
consequences. Though if it did happen again, I have to say that I dont think
anything would have changed. I fail to see how I would have went into the
rapport stage on an open mASF forum. So this is all fun and games for me and
I'm sorry that I cant be really involved emotionally here. But I just don't
think that is even possible for me to even fake. After all this is only a
virtual place.

Last but not least, I'm glad you still decided to post a reply to my posting
about the definition of manipulation in general. Thanks.


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