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Helping a girl

mASF post by quitesomebody

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Helping a girl
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mASF post by "quitesomebody"
posted on: mASF forum: Playettes Discussion, June 6, 2005


a really good book for helping women get our minds around the very IDEA that we
do have a role in the seduction process and in starting to identify the many
different ways in which women can flirt (and thereby find our own) is the book
"The Art of Seduction" by Robert Greene.

"The Rules" is kinda shitty, to be honest. sure, there are a lot of things in
there that can take a completely frustrated woman from frustration to a higher
level of personal satisfaction, so someone who doesn't know jack about getting
what she wants can learn a ton. but there are also a lot of arbitrary rules
that teach a woman that the best way to land a man for the long term is to act
like a manipulative psycho with split personality. and that just ain't the
case. what is gotten by deception is rarely honest... still, by all means, an
aspiring playette can and probably should read 'the rules'. if for nothing
else, to work out her own personal PU ethics.

there's not much reading needed, really - just GO OUT AND PRACTICE! clean
yerself up, put on just a touch of makeup (enough to look your best but not so
much you don't look like you), put on some clothes that show off your figure
without looking like you're for sale, and then go out. somewhere, anywhere.
make eyecontact, say HI and SMILE at any guy you think is cute. if he doesn't
ignore you, say something, anything. you are NOT bothering him - you're making
his day better. the world is so full of cold and grumpy and even mean
strangers - you're a nice and friendly one! spread the sunshine, one person at
a time. and if someone stops and talks with you for a while and something
comes of that - well, all the better!


*Everybody's playing the game, but nobody's rules are the same.*

"Just to be clear on this, love is an emotion I can have and choose not to act
on." OceanEyes

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