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A woman‘s mind

mASF post by PlayerSupreme

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A woman‘s mind
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mASF post by "PlayerSupreme"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, May 5, 2005

I received these words from one of those online personals. The woman wanted me
to read her words.

"If you can touch a womans mind, then you can touch her very essence. For her
Essence is in fact all she is and wants you to help her be. I AM ONLY WHAT YOU

True Woman with Value!! Honesty is not obsolete yet almost impossible to find.
Im all about deep converstation. Every man wants a lady in the street and a
freak in the sheets, yet does not take the time to explore her mind.... for
that is in fact where the freak resides. Life is passion and passion is life."

What she is saying is everything that I’ve always said about women. The man
sets the tone and direction of the relationship. Look at how she says:

“For her Essence is in fact all she is and wants you to help her be.”

What do these words mean to YOU: Discuss


And these words what do they mean? Discuss:

I realize there are those new type of men out there who want a woman to be
their equal. For you guys “in a dance two people cannot lead”. The alpha way
is to lead. The real man way is to lead. Beta way is to share leadership
which means your woman will get tired of you later on and look for a more
dominant male.

You either are dominant or you lose the female. I am talking about real women.
Not those new aggressive types who want to wear the pants and get a strap on
and do their men up the ass like what a guy on FastSeduction named Sh0t likes
to have done.

Real women respond to Real men. The female above is telling you everything
that you need to know about her and about women in general.

If you stimulate a woman’s mind, you will thereby have the keys to her soul.
Control the mind and you control the person (pussy). I can’t say how many
times I’ve said this. For me to see a woman saying the same thing is not only
validating but rewarding also.

Women are asking for you to step up and mind fuck them. If your female that
your working with isn’t performing to your expectations then you can only blame
yourself. You haven’t gotten deep enough in that skull of hers.

How do you get in there. She tells you how:

“take the time to explore her mind”

If any of you have read my online profile I state :

“and I am very pre-occupied with
stimulating and intelligent conversation;”

I’ve told many on those sites that are into the quick lay to develop a real
personality, cause you will need it when you find the right one. I can’t count
how many times I’ve read how some wack off has lost his girl and can’t figure
out why. It’s laughably pathetic. But the joke is on those poor slobs.

Learning the art of seduction isn’t just about techniques and scripts and
openers. The true artist is just that, an artist. A artist isn’t a robotic
fool running around spouting off lines and scripts. No he is a thinking and
abstract loving individual. A real person.

I am truly pre-occupied with deep conversation. I love it. I love mind
fucking women with words and getting deep into their heads. I am not so
shallow that all I want is to get off a quick lay. And if I fail on to the
next and the next.

I just read something that a character named Mystery wrote. He stated that he
only goes for one set (1 closing attempt) and he makes it work. When I read
about all these wacks running around trying for this girl and that girl and
amounting up to 20 or more chicks they have tried to bone in one night, I’m
like woooo!

As I’ve stated when I step up I take what I go for. I don’t just sit back and
wait for a woman to acknowledge me. I do interact and clown around a bit or
act cool and stand on the dance floor and mess with girls who walk by. By
being the center of attention I get attention.

Anyways back to the subject. Go for these women’s minds. There are some fools
who think that females are stupid. Now that is gay propaganda. Fags want you
to hate women, so that they can feel good about themselves…(J/K).

I’m sorry to break it down for you guys, but women do have minds. Oh shit I
just told yall that the world isn’t flat. Yeah women do have a brain. And
many of them are extremely intelligent too. In fact I have found that the
smarter they are the deeper they run. The deeper they run, the better the sex

Look at me. I am deep…lol.

Shit I have company I will have to finish this another time.

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