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Showing interest Outing Report not showing it?

mASF post by RED5

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Showing interest Outing Report not showing it?
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mASF post by "RED5"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, May 5, 2005

On 5/21/05 9:01:00 AM, OM wrote:

OK, this is a very good question and needs explaining the short answer is that
they both work. Although I know it seem like a contradiction

I'll try and explain you display higher VALUE with both methods Direct and
Indirect Game. Think in terms of VALUE

If you go DIRECT you display higher value by being bold you walk up confidently
...No fear and don't hide your intentions you open with "I like you...I'd like
to get to know you" You look deep into her eyes as you do this with confident
body language.
Your attitude is "she is lucky that you chose her"

The idea is that she will perceive that anyone who is this bold and sure of
himself must be successful with women. Hence he has higher value then other
males she meets.

Indirect also displays higher value because you are that good with women that
she isn't even good enough for you to chase her.

What happens is she starts to chase you
So at first you act like your not interested but eventually as she chases
you...she will displays some good personality qualities then you start to
display interest. She is winning you over

After a few minutes of talking you might say "Wow you have a really good
personality that rare with the women I meet"

This is basic explanation I hope it helps


>There is something that i dont
> some ebooks (or somme
>PUAs) says that you cannot
>show your interest to a women.
>YOu must act casual..if you
>meet a HB for instance, you
>wil act like if you just want
>to be friends. Do not show
>your real intentions or she
>will perceive your game and
>then the only friend that you
>will have its your hand...

>Other guys tells about the
>opposite. Some of them tell
>say that the best naturals,
>PUAs, etc are the one sthat
>dont have any fear to show
>their intentions....if they
>meet a girl they will show
>them that they have sexual
>desires, taht they are here to
>play a game of
>seduction...they met her not
>for the friendship for the art
>of seduction, for love, sex
>and the real pleasure if a
>female company.
>So, whats your viewon that?
>Having a subtle game in wich
>you never show really your
>desires and maybe you want
>just to be friend (this is the
>passing message to her) or a
>game in wich you are "saying"
>(with your Body language for
>example) that you want her,
>that you are driven by your
>sexual desires?

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