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Re: Showing interest Outing Report not showing it?

mASF post by spirit

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Re: Showing interest Outing Report not showing it?
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mASF post by "spirit"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, May 5, 2005

The biggest mistake with showing interest or desire or whatever...

Is when you 'attach' it to her innappropriately (i.e. too soon)

Yes you are a sexual being...
Yes you are interested in WOMEN (plural, not that specific woman you just
met) and in people in general as a wider view

It seems alot of guys are still struggling with the concept of being
GENUINE - that the game is still there to hide "your real intentions"

You do not need to hide your intentions if you approach the whole thing with
an attitude more along the lines of "I am going to have a fantastic sexual
relationship (however short or long) with a woman who deserves me"

The game is here to be 'used' to enhance your intentions.

The short answer to your question as a rough guide is "both" - it 'works'
best if you are comfortable,casual in nature around beautiful women because
you're used to that and whilst displaying that you are a sexual person...

YOU are the one in control of the choices you make - not some guy who spunks
his pants and drools every time he talks to a hot girl


<OM> wrote in message news:[email protected]
> There is something that i dont some ebooks (or somme PUAs) says
> that
> you cannot show your interest to a women. YOu must act casual..if you meet
> a HB
> for instance, you wil act like if you just want to be friends. Do not show
> your
> real intentions or she will perceive your game and then the only friend
> that
> you will have its your hand...
> Other guys tells about the opposite. Some of them tell say that the best
> naturals, PUAs, etc are the one sthat dont have any fear to show their
> intentions....if they meet a girl they will show them that they have
> sexual
> desires, taht they are here to play a game of seduction...they met her not
> for
> the friendship for the art of seduction, for love, sex and the real
> pleasure if
> a female company.
> So, whats your viewon that? Having a subtle game in wich you never show
> really
> your desires and maybe you want just to be friend (this is the passing
> message
> to her) or a game in wich you are "saying" (with your Body language for
> example) that you want her, that you are driven by your sexual desires?

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