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Re: Dealing with dominant women

mASF post by ancestor

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Re: Dealing with dominant women
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mASF post by "ancestor"
posted on: mASF forum: Advanced Discussion, May 5, 2005

hotlab wrote:
> It is not that simple.
> Masculinity has nothing to do with dominance. What fucks up a man's
> from the point of view of a woman is not being submissive, but showing fear
> rejection, fear of failure, fear of loss.
> Many successful seducer archetypes are submissive. Look at "Art of Seduction"
> or David DeAngelos document "Lover and Provider"

That's why I think the whole site should be renamed into "how to fuck
and to continue to fuck women that you desire".

Seduction is supplication.
Attraction by dominance is not seduction.

At least when I think of seduction I always have in mind a smooth
talking Don Juan. But then again he wasn't that much of a seducer as a
trickster or liar.

I find that seduction is more into bending the truth, adapting yourself
and to generally lie about yourself and others.

On the other hand natural dominance, social manipulation and all ways of
displaying value in a physical form without having to verbalize them to
her is the best way to go. This could be: the way you feel, the way you
dress, the way you move or carry yourself, the way you treat others, the
way you expect to be treated and the way you expect how things should
escalate and how you act upon this accordingly. In one word to have
certain PRINCIPLES and sticking to them.


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