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Dealing with dominant women

mASF post by hotlab

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Dealing with dominant women
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mASF post by "hotlab"
posted on: mASF forum: Advanced Discussion, May 5, 2005

It is not that simple.

Masculinity has nothing to do with dominance. What fucks up a man's masculinity
from the point of view of a woman is not being submissive, but showing fear of
rejection, fear of failure, fear of loss.

Many successful seducer archetypes are submissive. Look at "Art of Seduction"
or David DeAngelos document "Lover and Provider"

"The Seducer (sex)
Someone who is sensual and sexy and makes her feel sexy.
Seducers are usually submissive, as they are constantly pleasing the woman, and
paying careful attention to her needs."

Dominance is a personality trait. It is wrong that women are becoming used to
being dominant by working in male dominated professions. These women have a
natural tendency to being dominant... so they choose these kind of professions.

Also dominance/submissiveness can be a strong sexual stimulation for some
people. So being dominant with a woman who is stimulated by a man's
submissiveness doesn't work. But you know that already.

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