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mASF post by Dakota

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mASF post by "Dakota"
posted on: mASF forum: Advanced Discussion, April 4, 2005

I suppose this topic has been double, triple, and quadruple dipped across this
board, but I haven't seen it. Regardless, I like to post new things that I've
learned and experienced in my own growth as a PUA.

There are two things that I've solidified into my game this past week;
persistent kissing and SOI's (I think this is the term I'm thinking of).
Before going out to game some broads a couple months ago, I realized that a
kiss is just a kiss. Why are guys so ghastly afraid of kissing girls? Is it
rejection? Who the FUCK cares, I get rejected A LOT the first =P.
It's more fun that way. Kisses are soft, subtle signs of affection. It's not
like you're playing hardcore grabass or anything. What I like to do is
constantly go for pecks on the lips, etc. I start with the cheeks. I've
noticed that this heats them up a lot. They'll keep giving me attention and
tons of IOI's, but at the same time they'll flirtingly turn their head with a
smile. This revs MY engine which recently I've become more concerned with.
The less the challenge, the less the fun. Anywho, I'll eventually get a kiss.

As for my second point, if I tell a chick that I want to be friends with her
but at the same time try to hook up with tends to throw mixed signals.
But DAKOTA, mixed signals are ATTRACTIVE...haven't you read the ART OF
? Yeah sure but I don't know about this one guys. In my experience
it's simply better to let the girl know that you WANT her while at the same
time subconsciously portraying that you don't NEED her. Neediness is like
anti-attraction. In fact, I think it turns them on when they know you want
them. Hell, who doesn't want to be desired?

Say there's this chick Jenny Butterface. She's always been cool and her body
is banging but her face is what sets her apart from being a totally SHB. You
would glady bone her but you never really strained your brain too much on the
subject. Later on you find out that Jenny Butterface wants you badly. You
then start to picture scenarios of you banging her/being with her inside of
your noggin and all of a sudden you start to feel more ATTRACTION for this
girl. It's the same thing with guys to girls. That's what I like doing now.

Oh and my last thing...I'm sick of games. Guys I know always tell me, "Yo,
wait like 3 days to call her" or "Don't pick up and call her later." Listen,
fuck that. Girls are so used to this shit. It surprises the hell out of them
when I call when I say I'll call or do anything I say I'll do. This DESTROYS
most of those gay games that they play.


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