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PIMPS vs. Players (Attn: PlayerSupreme)

mASF post by gunit

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PIMPS vs. Players (Attn: PlayerSupreme)
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mASF post by "gunit"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, April 4, 2005

On 4/26/05 3:11:00 AM, PlayerSupreme wrote:
>Who was the first or one of
>the first pimps?
>Don’t really know. I do know
>that pimping started right
>after slavery. If you will
>recall history and whites love
>of black pussy that they
>owned. Former slaves began to
>barter for things that they
>needed and then smart
>operators began to get women
>to ask for money.
>It wasn’t until those black
>men began driving carriages as
>nice as the town folks that
>pimping became outlawed!

Interesting stuff. I will do some research just out of curiousity.


>>A player is a guy who hasn't
>>learned to control himself or
>>his libido:
>Agree and disagree.
>Let's make a distinction.
>There is a societal player -
>that guy hitting on every
>chick (only or mostly in his
>social circle) and doing
>nothing to improve his
>chances, and also not learning
>from his mistakes. There is
>also the PUA, who studies how
>women work inside out and uses
>that to his advantage. The PUA
>does not come off sleazy like
>a player and is in control of
>himself in the sense that he
>is sexual (not horny) but not
>LOL, you think a PUA is some
>kind of special guy who is
>above it all. You should
>visit your very own chat room
>sometime. Watch what is
>spoken there. So far the
>PUA’s are nothing like what
>you imagine them to be. They
>are just like every other jock
>out there….just trying to
>score the next piece of ass.
>Many of them are trying to
>score their first piece of
>ass. The very few who reach
>stardom write books on how to
>get there and teach others.
>But it’s all in search of the
>illusive next piece of ass!
>Let’s call a spade a spade.
>PUA’s are not the only ones
>out there trying to learn the
>game. Look at my own Players
>University at
>Players trying to improve
>themselves. Not trying to be
>something that they are not or
>mislabeling themselves.
>Let’s keep it real. I’ve
>heard the same crock of shit
>over at Sosuave. A Don Juan
>is here to better himself.
>Then look at the reality by
>visiting the main forum:

All right, I see your point about most guys not being where they claim to be.
There are many AFCs on that board and there are many guys here (often NEW guys)
on ASF who will post shit that will make you laugh. These guys are not PUAs
even if they claim to be. And then you assume that top guys here are on the
same level or almost same level.

We just see differently who a PUA is. To you it is an average guy on ASF or Don
Juan. To me it is guys like (and you might be interested in familiarizing
yourself with these guys' archives): MrSex4uNYC, David Shade, Maniac High,
Svengali, Zarathustra. All of these guys aim to get into a chicks mind, figure
out what makes her tick etc. At the same time they are making themselves more
attractive (gym, dancing, clothes, whatever). Those guys are what I aim to be
like. I like having MLTR and I don't much like ONS (but I'll take one if it
falls into my lap and the chick is hot).

So I think we are actually in agreement and are just arguing over semantics

>>That thang that goes on inside
>>your head, Whitey calls the
>>brain. But in pimp school it's
>>called the Boss. That thang
>>between your legs White calls
>>genitals, but in pimp school
>>it's called the Jones. Now if
>>your Jones overrules the Boss,
>>that mean you gonna be a
>>trick. But if your Boss
>>overrules your Jones, then
>>that means you gonna be a
>>Master Pimp.
>>....a pimp is simply a real
>>man. A man that had total
>>control over his desires and
>>emotions at all times. He
>>doesn't allow himself to
>>become a servant to p*ssy but
>>instead to control and
>>dominate it as only a Master
>>--The Pimps Rap
>This makes sense and a PUA
>will adopt a similar mindset.
>LOL, Look at how your learning
>from just a piece of the pimp
>game. Imagine a whole world
>of knowledge out there.

I will certainly look into it. The only thing I am uncertain about is whether
pimps originated all this knoweldge.

>Exactly how would a pimp get a
>new chick? Would she approach
>him and ask to be his? Would
>he make eye contact and then
>approach her?
>It’s called copping. Pimps
>get women in many different
>ways. The standard is to wait
>for the woman to choose him.
>That means looking at him.
>It’s the same in seduction
>processes. If a woman looks
>once at you and then looks
>again within a minute then she
>is digging you.

This is one piece of pimp game I truly do not understand. Why must she make EC?
Do you give up power when you approach without EC? Could you please explain
this point.

If tomorrow the world changed and no woman ever made eye contact with any man.
All you had to do to get a woman is point your finger at a her. If the
happened, would you be getting fucking the same types (looks/personality) of
women as you do today.

I just want to see if you feel waiting for eye contact limits you in your
choice of women.

>If she is digging you then you
>step up. Some pimps preffer
>to approach women on the
>streets just as PUA’s do.
>Some preffer night clubs.
>Some only preffer women who
>are almost there and look for
>girls who do have self esteem
>issues or are drug users or
>work in strip clubs:

>>Look at all of the techniques
>>focused on just getting laid.
>They are focused on getting
>laid because getting laid
>(over and over) is the goal.
>Another goal is to have great
>multiple reltaionships with
>those women that you like
>>Now look at the level of the
>>pimp. He gets laid and paid.
>And that is a pimp's goal.
>Consider who he is getting
>laid by. Would you please
>address the following comment
>by me
>"From what I know of pimping a
>large part of the game is
>screening for LSE girls with
>no $$."
>There is a saying in the pimp
>game. Cash before ass! Who
>comes out ahead. The man who
>get’s paid or the man who
>get’s laid after taking a girl
>out on a date? If you guessed
>the first one then your 100%
>correct. Cause the first
>one can also get laid anytime
>anyway anyhow that he wants.
>The second one is subject to
>the whims of his female
>interest. Do you see what I’m
>saying about all of this?

OK. And having the woman sell her body is not neccessary for this, but to own
her mind is.

>>You are struggling just to get
>>a date of which you may or may
>>not but mostly will pay for.
>When we don't each pay our way
>my gf pays when we spend time
>tog. If she is a college
>student with no $$ I will pay.
>If she got $$ she will pay
>everything. I am no pimp.
>I understand, your no pimp.
>There is nothing wrong with a
>square relationship or
>lifestyle. Many pimps when
>they leave the game will try
>living a square lifestyle
>also. Or as close to it as
>they can. Myself I am
>actually looking for a soul
>mate to settle down with. And
>I will share paying when I
>meet her probably…maybe…lol.

So romantic :)

>>Which is better to you?
>>A) To constantly struggle for
>>B) To have total control over
>>If you picked B then your
>>looking at the level of pimp
>>vs player.
>You are using a double bind.
>How about
>C) To constantly get pussy and
>have more pussy than you can
>handle. I personally am not
>there yet, but I know guys who
>are and I am catching up fast.
>I’m glad for you. The air is
>always clean at the top as you
>will soon find out.

Sounds good.

>I can see that the goals of a
>pimp and a pua are different
>and they each adopt their game
>to better suite their goals. I
>would not say that a pimp is
>more skillful.
>If you can’t see then there is
>no further use of me trying to
>show you. You will never see
>it. Sometimes you can’t see
>the forest for all the trees
>in the way.

I think we see eye to eye. The only disagreement we have is what it means to be
a PUA.

>Have you read the book "The
>Art of Seduction". You may be
>surprised to discover that
>many of the ideas that you
>believe to have come from pimp
>game were invented (or at
>least used unconciously) much,
>MUCH earlier than the 1970s.
>There is a guy in the archives
>(Svengali) who judging by his
>age operated in the 1970s. His
>stuff is really good too.
>Yes actually I have. And it
>almost parallels the pimp
>game. And American street
>pimps have been around way
>before the 70’s as I showed
>you above. Now how do you
>know he isn’t one of the
>authors who studied the pimp
>game to come up with his
>information and techniques.
>And how do you know he didn’t
>add the history lessons to
>further back up his

It is possible. I don't have enough information to argue either way and
regardless, it's irrelevant. I will use the knoweledge the same way regardless



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