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Re: Girlfriend dated celebs(2) and how to tease her...

mASF post by v0rtex

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Re: Girlfriend dated celebs(2) and how to tease her...
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mASF post by "v0rtex"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, April 4, 2005

On Tue, 12 Apr 2005 20:29:00 -0400, charlestheis_theiii wrote:
>How would you feel if your girlfriend is an old "has been", but was once so
>as to be chased by famous celebs?

You may find this helpful, an excerpt from "Art of Seduction" by
Robert Greene, "The Seducer's Victims - Eighteen Types - The Crushed
Star" (p.152)


We all want attention, we all want to shine, but with most of us these
desires are fleeting and easily quieted. The problem with crushed
stars is that at one point in their lives they did find themselves the
center of attention - perhaps they were beautiful, charming and
effervescent, perhaps they were athletes, or had some other talent -
but those days are gone. They may seem to have accepted this, but the
memory of having once shone is hard to get over. In general, the
appearance of wanting attention, of trying to stand out, is not seen
too kindly in polite society or in the workplace. So to get along,
Crushed Stars learn to tamp down their desires; but failing to get the
attention they feel they deserve, they also become resentful. You can
recognise Crushed Stars by certain unguarded moments: they suddenly
recieve some attention in a social setting, and it makes them glow;
they mention their glory days, and there is a little glint in the eye;
a little wine in the system, and they become effervescent.

Seducing this type is quite simple: just make them the center of
attention. When you are with them, act as if they were stars and you
were basking in their glow. Get them to talk, particularly about
themselves. In social situations, mute your own colours and let them
look funny and radiant by comparison. In general, play the Charmer.
The reward of seducing Crushed Stars is that you stir up powerful
emotions. They will feel intensely grateful to you for letting them
shine. To whatever extent they had felt crushed and bottled up, the
easing of that pain releases intensity and passion, all directed at
you. They will fall madly in love. If you yourself have any star or
dandy tendencies it is wise to avoid such victims. Sooner or later
those tendencies will come out, and the competition between you will
be ugly."

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