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mASF post by PlayerSupreme

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mASF post by "PlayerSupreme"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, April 4, 2005

Well babygirl called me last night around 10pm. She obviously didn't get my
email yet. She seems to be falling quickly.
Play the game or get played by the game, your choice. In the art of love their
are no victims only volunteers

Hi ….,

I only had a few moments at home so I just forwarded your last e-mail to my
work e-mail address. This is the last one I received from you and it looked
like I didn't receive one today. So feel free to try me here during the day:)

Tonight, I am taking the kids to the River Cats game. Then they will be with
their dad until Wednesday. Let me know if you can squeeze me in for a little
while maybe this evening or Tuesday. If you ever have time during the day to
maybe meet for lunch and talk, that would be great too.

I am extremely busy at work today and probably for the next couple of days
because it is the last week for loan signings/closings. Plus every one that
works on my team is out this week so the days will probably fly by.

Sounds like you are quite the entrepreneur. That is really exciting and
challenging. I spent over a year working for myself in a couple of fields
related to finance. I was working as a mobile notary and doing financial
consulting which included selling insurance, refinancing, etc. I hope to get
back to being my own boss again. It really is the way to go if you have the
passion and drive to make the business work. I have been working in finance for
12 years now and I do know that just collecting a paycheck isn't the way to go
for the long run. I got a little sidetracked from my goals by taking that job
in Texas but I will be back on track as soon as I get settled back in. Let me
know if there is anything I can do to help because I know it gets rough with
and without support.

I have to run because I am swamped. Hope to talk to you soon.


Ok note here in her email, how she is asking for moments of my time. She is
also trying to sell herself to me with her statements in paragraph 4. Note the
end of the paragraph the very last sentence for you aspiring macks out there.
You want a woman who will have your back and offer everything that she has to
serve your cause.

My return email:

T, I would love to squeeze you into my tight time table.... I have been
thinking about you today.....wondering again what you would be like on deeper
levels....I'm glad you have some time thoughts were returning
to Saturday night, dancing with you so passionately and intensely....seemed
like there was no beginning or ending....couldn't tell where you began and I

What time are you availible tonight!


Note the sugesstive words "squeeze, tight, deeper, passionately, intensely,
beginning, ending"

Mission successful. Here is her reply to my email from last night:

"I think I got home on a cloud last night. I had trouble getting to sleep
because you had entered in thru my brain and was wondering around inside me
most of the night. I was wondering what you found? I do fight these feelings
most of the time. But not this time. You better be careful with what you have
sparked. A girl is a little fragile no matter what may come out of my mouth. We
may have to be inventive this evening because of all of the times of the month
to be childless my body is reminding me I am a woman at the moment. Catch my
drift, sweet stuff? Patience is something that I continue to get tested in. So
patience may have to come in to play again tonight and I will be prepared, I
hope. "

I guess I will have to do other things with her tonight....LOL.

Ok, to enter a womans brain you must use their emotions. Getting her emotions
activated is a direct route into her mind. A player has to know how to arouse
what ever emotion he chooses within his victim.

To tap those emotions you gotta be able to speak the words that causes this
arousal. Then use these words within your verbal and writting communications.
Words such as:

Naked, stiff, come, wet, hard, climax, deep, urge, thrust, pleasure, abandon,
yield, need, release, intimacy, longing, fingers, appetite, arouse, delight,
uninhibited, satisfy, oral, moist, mount, suck, enter, touch, breast, erect,
hole, sensitive, throbbing, hot, flesh. Passion, passionate, desire, desires,

Appetitie, carress, bed, pleasure, suck, firm, heave, member, tease enterance,
Touch, desire, thrill, erect, excite, bare, delight, flush, intense, tongue,
penetrate, gratify,
Mouth, flesh, please, stroke, flesh, moist, eager, throb, feel, satisfy,

Getting p*ssy is easy. There is no challenge in just getting p*ssy fella's.
Your challenge is in taking total control over her. Sell the fantasy and she
will follow you like a jack ass and a carrot.

Not once did you see this one complain as I began her seduction. I used words
that were ment to arouse feelings in her head and keep her thoughts on me. Some
of you may think my emails were corny but you can see that they do have
devastating results. This one will be a sweet pleasure to own for a while.

Play the game or get played by the game, your choice. In the art of love their
are no victims only volunteers.

another one bites the dust!
Play the game or get played by the game, your choice. In the art of love their
are no victims only volunteers.

Posting from Flash:
lol, deep shyt, that was nice to read tho... I saw how u used metaphores lol,
thats a good way and vocab, yes.
I dont know why but u said she didn't have many friends and must of split up
from the father, I kind of felt sorry for her...

If your heart is too big then you will never make it in this game. In this game
there is no place for sympathy or emotions like that. That is why I say when
your playing the game you play it, not just fake play it cause else it will eat
you up.

You try stepping to a gold digger type with this kind of emotional sleeve and
you will get played like a dominoe. This girl has been played before and now
knows the game as most women do. You have to look deeper into her words cause
she chose her words for certain effects also.

The poor little me, please don't hurt me...well turns out that is exactly what
she is craving. A N*gga like me to take her on a roller coaster ride like all
the others before me have, so she can feel alive again.

And no her father divorced her mom and is now happily married again to a high
school sweetheart.

she does have some friends but very few men freinds to call upon.

she is now on my team at the entry level but she performed hard last night. I
am also very suprised...she knows what the matrix is...that is my trick
question that I ask ho's when I meet them or after I take them.

She is full german so I guess there is a brain under all that hair which goes
down to her butt, and that innocent pretty face...with high arched eye brows
and chrystal clear skin...very little make up...full soft lips....sorry I tend
to start writing in that style. LOL

In closing, you need to decide if you really want to be a player or just a guy
who get's a girlfriend. If your hear learning to get a girlfriend then good
luck bruh... If other then more power too ya.


there are no victims in the game of love, only volunteers--The art of
, by Roger Greene
Play the game or get played by the game, your choice. In the art of love their
are no victims only volunteers.


Enough said and showed. It is a matter of how good you are at it that counts.
Internet is just a giant singles market place.

If your good with words and your nice looking then you will flourish

Unless otherwise noted, this article is Copyright©2005 by "PlayerSupreme" with implicit permission provided to for reproduction. Any other use is prohibited without the explicit permission of the original author.


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