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World’ Top Playboy Playoff Challenge

mASF post by Mystery

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World’ Top Playboy Playoff Challenge
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mASF post by "Mystery"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, March 3, 2005

Elvis writes> I saw your response to my challenge. I will never insult another
person as some people have me. Ignorance and skepticism is normal among human

My skepticism is likely shared by others as absolutely no evidence has been
provided by you. This isnt a jab, just a request for compelling evidence.

>I am not saying that other systems such as yours do not work. All I am saying
is I that I am the top guy on earth at the art of seduction of beautiful

Would you be able to provide the seduction community (your market) some
evidence to support your claim so they dont have to go out on such a limb ...
right now there is a guy NOBODY in the community has heard about nor SEEN who
claims to be the best and he wants money to prove it. Its like buying one of
those surprise treats bags for $0.25 ... only in this case we have suspicion
that the phone number leads to one of those #s that automatically bills you
like the psychic hotline. Before you can charge for in-field services, isn't it
best to have SOME legitimized street credentials? I think this is fair to ask.

>For any of the skeptics out there CALL MY BLUFF that is if I am bluffing.

I am calling your bluff. Without paying ANY money, I have given a shitload of
evidence to support my claim of being good in the game. Im not a surprise treat
bag. I am, in a word, ACCESSIBLE.

Other reputable PUAs have met me personally and watched me work in-field. You
can communicate with literally hundreds of people about me. Ive spoken at many
lair meetings, allowed the press to follow my bootcamps, I've spoken at DyD
seminars and brought my GF with me, and am publically known for having dated
some of the hottest women on Earth. Many fellow PUAs have MET THESE WOMEN with
me. My testimonials list goes on and on. I've worked hard to do this because I
understand how important it is to feel SECURE in spending money on something
that has a greater value than $1. I work hard to convey the 100% truth in my
evidence because:

"One should always play fairly when one has the winning cards." Oscar Wilde
(1854 - 1900)

>I am for hire and of course 100% guranteed. You don't get laid I don't get

Could you please tell us more about your services and about this guarantee?

>I would appreciate if you would post this message. I couldn't figure out how
to do it. Yes my background is science, but my love is picking up and seducing

We share this in common too. As a scientific minded person Im sure you can
appreciate the request for evidence to prove your claim BEFORE money changes
hands. The "Give me money and Ill prove Im the best" isnt something any sane
person would fall for I surmise. Buyer beware.

If people thinking about taking my bootcamp feel I have not provided compelling
evidence to support my claims, I would very much appreciate suggestions on what
I could do to prove I have mastered the PUA and can teach it effectively to

So far, you may communicate with many people who have seen me attract women
in-field with their own two eyes. You may read countless testimonials by those
who have participated in my bootcamps ... Ive done dozens upon dozens. You may
hear me speak on my website. You may see me on 2 products of David DeAngelos.
You may meet me personally at my free seminars. You may join a lair and hear me
speak at them from time to time. You may read about me in the newspapers.
Watching me work in-field IS the product as is my teaching the student the
method I employ to get the results I get. I offer a 100% moneyback guarantee
based on mere reasonable SATISFACTION. People have met me, met my GFs, seen me
pickup ... Im accessible. Elvis, is it possible for you to be as well BEFORE I
have to sink money into you just to SEE if you are the real deal? Because if
you are the real deal, I for one will spend money (and Im rich) to get better
than I am. And I know a LOT of people who would too. I have a customer list you
would LOVE to get your hands on. Want to make some money? Then provide
legitimate evidence as I have so we can believe in you.


PS: RJ, I think this isnt a publicity stunt because NOBODY heard of him. He's
just some dude who wants to make a buck and didnt think about the business side
of things - didnt see it from his customers viewpoint. He thought "I can find
some dude to give me money to show him how to pick up chicks", not realizing
there is already an established burgeoning industry with a community of men he
could market legitimate useful knowledge to. The best way to KEEP the money you
make is to provide USEFUL services. Unless he responds with a honest attempt at
providing evidence, then he'll just disappear. I await his response.

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