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Re: Calibration vs. "It's Always On"

mASF post by ancestor

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Re: Calibration vs. "It's Always On"
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mASF post by "ancestor"
posted on: mASF forum: Advanced Discussion, March 3, 2005

intlzncster wrote:
> Reposted reply to the same post in another forum (TSL)...
> Good post, but better replies.
>>So you can have the metaframe of "it's on!" but you're adjusting according
>>to her needs.
> The intent of this statement is RIGHT on, though perhaps it could be put a
> little more effectively. I wouldn't worry/think about a woman's needs per
> say; I would think about this in terms of what has to happen on her end for
> the seduction to proceed (or what switches you must flip to move forward).
> But over the whole interaction, there is the umbrella of it's always on, of
> you being the prize.
> It's self evident that not every girl is the same or is seduced in the same
> fashion. Therefore, recognizing her 'type' is very important (I believe The
> One said as much).

I NEVER believed in the statement "you have to adapt your seduction to
your victim". No! That's impossible unless you can completely transform
YOURSELF into another personality.

IE. You are a bad boy and you all of a sudden want to do suplicative
approaches using seductive techniques -> this means you have to drop
your alphaness and cockyness and become a supplicant lover.

Or you are a seducer and want to seduce a woman by being dominant, then
you have to tansform yourself into a bad boy.

Your personality is your calibration.

> I think there is also a subtle distinction to be made between operation and
> seduction. How you operate from a frame perspective and and on a day to day,
> woman to woman basis, is not necessarily the exact same as the way you
> operate when trying to seduce each particular girl. It depends what your
> goals are. If your goal is to complete the seduction, to bed the woman, then
> your normal modus operandi might not fit into her framework of living. You
> may have to step outside of who you are to bed this one particular girl (The
> Art of Seduction talks a bit about this).

Yeah I agree that you would have to change your PERSONA, but don't tell
me that you can do this in-game. It will reak of insincerity. Also I
just don't think it's possible. I have to this point not seen any
evidence of actual calibration going on either. Can someone explain what
calibration is at all?

> I should also emphasize (as mentioned by AceRock) that calibrating is
> incredibly important in endgame and sex. Not just to give her the most
> incredible sexual experience of her life, but also to keep you out of jail.
> Absolutely zero calibration in endgame results in rape. Rapists (those who
> are not doing it for the power, control or to fill some sick need) are not
> always bad guys, they just failed to calibrate on how the chick was enjoying
> the experience. Hence, "but she wanted it man. I could tell."
> intlzncster

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