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Hotel room isolation

mASF post by mask-raider

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Hotel room isolation
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mASF post by "mask-raider"
posted on: mASF forum: Tactics / Techniques Discussion, February 2, 2005

On 2/8/05 3:48:00 AM, incognito wrote:
>I'm out of the big bad city at
>the moment and when I pull in
>the city I have tried to take
>girls to a hotel so I have a
>decent workbench: it beats the
>One thing I've noticed is that
>it generates massive ASD

What does? ITITITITIITITITIT. Your perceptions. Girls are ready for anything
you are confident about. if they are not it is either unnatural or they are not
worth your reality. Be careful about cause and attribution. there is no such
"thing" as ASD. This is where the natural woman philosophy or the natural man
philosophy might come in. why did we invent the natural woman pattern. because
in the western world women are culturally conditioned, and so are men. listen
to the song "if you like pina coladas". In thailand, the "RULES" mwhahaha just
aren't the same. Girls too, some of them, have studied the art of seduction,
and I am not talking about attraction, i am not talking about the "rules book"
or "hard to get", i am talking about them using a form of "natural man"

what am i saying. Technology is good, credit to the western world. But the east
and southern hemispheres, they know how to live as real. you just need more
hotel experience. it i think is whole other seduction game. constant travel can
make you lonely or change your reality. the mind adapts to habituation and
thinks this is Truth, capital t. it is not. just need some way to cope and
adapt successfully and get quality women.

Its almost like I'm
>indirectly paying for sex.

That is your subjective thought traffic. change it. wake down. or you could
choose a prostitute fantasy with her, and run with it. either or is ok. they
want what you want. either face square and head against this, or embrace fully
the idea and sublimate it!

>Whats the moral to this story?
>Have somewhere to stay!

ahh, you are a moral man! good skill luck and happy hunting

one has a right to bunbury anywhere one chooses...even in hotels! every serious
bunburyist knows that!!! (oscar wilde)

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