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The Elusive Art of Optimal Flow

mASF post by Midnight

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The Elusive Art of Optimal Flow
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mASF post by "Midnight"
posted on: mASF forum: Advanced Discussion, February 2, 2005

After reading a few posts here on mASF while strumming my guitar I became
highly aware of something that has sort of hid in the background of the various
topics that I write about. I believe that this concept is many times the
missing link for a lot of guys who take the art of seduction seriously yet
still have difficulties maintaining a strong game that isn’t negatively
influenced by factors such as “failure.”

And although most of these guys understand on an intellectual level that there
is no such thing as failure, only feedback to be used as a learning experience,
a lot of the time their game is hindered or put off track because of the
less-than-favorable feedback. How many times have you heard someone on mASF say
they weren’t in the right frame, mindset or vibe? I see it all the time and
I’ve also experienced it myself as I’m sure you, the reader, have as well.

Let me tell you, it’s easier than you think to take control of that problem
thanks to the analogy I came up with that follows - and I’m sure most of you
are already familiar with in one way or another anyways; you just failed to
integrate it. Do the work of integrating these kinds of concepts and beliefs
that you want into your game. Make them yours.

It seems to me that there’s a delicate balance to the art of seduction, in more
than one way. If a person cares too much about the outcome, they will
predictably have a terrible experience and their game will be thrown off
because they put too much importance on their success; in other words – they
won’t get anywhere. Conversely, if a person cares too little about the outcome,
there’s neither direction nor an intent that will viciously propel them towards
the things that they want. Neither is completely terrible, but neither side of
the spectrum is optimal either. If you can find the sweet spot right in the
middle you will progress in _all_ areas of life at a remarkable rate.

For those that have difficulty finding the sweet spot, or maintaining their
mental position within that balance I’d like for you to consider the following
example that perfectly demonstrates the kind of flow that I’m speaking of:

I’d like you to imagine yourself playing a complex song on a musical
instrument. When you’re jamming that song on a guitar for example and you’re in
the optimal flow, if you make a mistake you don’t stop to think about the
mistake; you keep going with the flow as if it never happened. You’re too busy
ENJOYING the music to let a little mistake bother you. Akin to seduction, if
you stop to think about the mistake, the song (or game, or flow) is ruined.

Loosen up your fingers and let them glide over the fret board smoothly as you
transition and plow through one HB10 riff after another.

This is the kind of flow that will be very beneficial to anyone using ANY
method. It’s the perfect example of having a desired outcome, yet loose enough
to just flow with the progress and not get hung up on any set backs. Maintain
the flow of the song; don’t allow the failure any room to breathe within the
music - suffocate it by focusing on the joy of the art itself.

This is why when someone says it’s only a problem if you make it a problem
they’re completely right. You’re allowing it to be a problem by focusing on it
instead of just staying on your path. And by the way, staying on your path and
not letting any bullshit get in your way is an extremely sexy attitude for a
woman to see in you.

Failure is a part of growth. Nothing can change that. It’s a very important
building block on the road to mastering this very unique art form. You should
cherish and welcome failure it into your progress (By that I mean: accept it
and love it for its ability to tell you where you are, but don’t let it stop
your progress by focusing on it negatively). Turn your game into a personalized
piece of music on the instrument of life.

There are no regrets; it’s YOUR song that you know will take some time to
perfect, and you realize that’s part of the fun.

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