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FB short term only? Maybe not...

mASF post by Sirducer

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FB short term only? Maybe not...
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mASF post by "Sirducer"
posted on: mASF forum: Advanced Discussion, August 8, 2005

I have believed for quiet a while that MOST FBs can only be kept for a few
months and if you go over half a year then you are doing really well as other
VETs in the community have mentioned. Sooner or later they tend to walk or try
and trap, also resulting in a break up so most FBs have a fast turn over rate
and if you dont sarge often then you will have problems keeping FBs...

Anyway mid way last year I met this 18 yo HB, still in highschool... we met for
a bit over a month (once a week tops) and she kept giving me BJs, I later found
out she was virgin so I didnt mind waiting a bit longer. It was also somewhat
harder to lay her as she lived with another family so her place was out of
bounds (so was mine but that doesnt matter). I did end up laying her as soon as
she moved places...(After a few more lays I made it clear to her that we are
only FBs and that I PU on the side), she was ok with it) I kept seeing her once
a week, sometimes once in two weeks as she lives 1 hour away from me... often I
didnt see her for over 3 weeks... and still I managed to come over, watch a DVD
and end up fucking her everytime I saw her 5 mins into the movie at her place.
This continued for over 8 months... until one day where I just CBF seeing her
cos of the driving distance (saving up money) ... she then texted me and
wanting to call the whole thing off...i agreed.
The reason why I agreed was, she was a fine lay, tight little teen, funny, sexy
and adventurous but she was your typical air headed young teen... i couldnt
really talk to her... sex was great but other things bored me.

Two weeks later I called her simply to check how she is... after all I been
banging her for so long.. its the least I could do. She was happy to hear from
me however after a few mins the phone cut out, she had a flat battery.

1 week after, today I get an sms from her inviting me over... i call her up and
set the time... she returned.

Now this is wierd... shes a sexy, young 19 yo chick... did she enjoy this
straight forward lay relationship? I mean thats all we did, just fuck and watch
DVDs, I even brought her to my work in the city (she studies nearby) to fuck
and then send her off before other staff could see me lol

I wouldnt mind continuing this with her, esp at work. :)



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